Rai Ko Ris – Himalayan Frostbite (BatAttack Records 2003)



Rai Ko Ris – Himalayan Frostbite (BatAttack Records 2003)

Nepal’s preeminent punk band. “Nepal??” you ask. Yep…Nepal. Land of the Himalayas, the Yeti, and some of the ass kickingest punk rock around. This is Nepal’s first full vinyl release. While the legendary Luk Haas has released some splits from Nepal on his Tian An Men 89 Records this is the first sole release. This record was released in a first pressing of 500 copies with 150 on colored vinyl.

Nepal Bandh
Jaro Maina Ayo
Safe Rebellion
On the Bus In the U.K.

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Toxic Reasons

**Joel from Toxic Reasons recently got ahold of us here at 7inchpunk and told us of a unreleased track (God Bless America) from the recoding sessions of War Hero. He sent in the track and we now posted it for you to enjoy! Thanks to Joel for sending this out to us!

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Originally posted December 15 2008

Toxic Reasons – War Hero (Banit Records) 1980

Toxic Reasons were from Dayton, Ohio. This is their first record, recorded in January 1980. They released one other single (Ghost Town), and an LP (Independence) before dumping their lead singer (Ed Pittman) and moving to San Francisco, where they made a bunch of other records.

I’ve never understood why they dropped Ed Pittman. I never saw him perform with the band, but I met him a few times at the Jockey Club in Newport KY in the early 1980’s and he must have been one hell of a frontman. He was a huge, imposing guy, and from the sound of these early records, a great singer also.

This record is great, but it has always cracked me up somewhat that a bunch of guys from Dayton, OH decided to sing with British accents on their record. How quickly we US punks forgot that punk started in New York City and Cleveland, etc., not the UK.

War Hero
Somebody Help Me

Never before released track from the War Hero’s recoding sessions, Thanks to Joel of Toxic Reasons for sending this one to 7inchpunk!

*Bonus Track*
God Bless America

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heimat-lös – negative mental obsession (auto da fé, 1988)

heimat-lös – negative mental obsession (auto da fé, 1988)

Here’s a great ep from the mighty Heïmat-Los. It’s their classic brand of hyper-fast and melodic hardcore. The sleeve says it was recorded and mixed by Star Gouize at Studio Campus in Jan/Feb ’88 and the piano on “negative mental obsession” was played by Patrice Michel.

negative mental obsession
psychiatric ward


Some may remember the 1st Stakanov ss e.p. that i posted a few years ago . Here’s a poster i found recently; it’s from their early debuts in 1980.

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Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart

Beyond Possession – Tell Tale Heart

*Taken from Oct. 5, 2006 post*

This has got to be one of the best singles to ever come outta canada, great skater style hardcore. Lyric sheet and flyer with the “no label” pressing. Another version in 1991 on Fango records (address covered by a sticker that says “Chikara”) that’s said to be an original as well; cover is black & white (the other one has the title printed in red ink); different back cover / labels / lyric sheet, also the last track (dying fast) is missing. Sound quality is as good as the other version’s, so I guess it’s no bootleg (or at least very well made).

tell tale heart
what’s the matter
skater’s life
no religion



Confuse- Contempt for Authority and take off the lie

Confuse- Contempt for Authority and Take off the Lie

“1985 saw Confuse record another 7″ EP of material and the sound here is much cleaner and sharper than any other releases – dare I say poppy? Contempt for the Authority and Take off the Lie is catchy and bouncy as hell and almost unrecognizable from the last record. I suspect the influence of the Swankys’ switch to their more ’77 sound from Gai’s full out Disorder noise attack was partially to blame for this. This is still a really good record by the way!” – Kill from the heart web page

Fuckin Lovers
Abuse of the State Power
Fight against the Plutocrats
All thing change into fashion (media)

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Record Store Day April 18

I guess this means instead of sitting here on your ass downloading tunes why not go buy a record today from your favorite record store. Show support and tell them 7inchpunk.com sent you.


Active Minds – Behind The Mask

Active Minds – Behind The Mask (TUNE 27, FOBIA 10) 1993

Second EP from this great anarchopunk band from Scarborough – UK I have in my collection…

I wrote couple of words about them in my last post… check them out… satsifaction guaranteed!

From The Neck Down
Very Bad Brains
A Step Further
Is Mankind Gonna Abolish War
Athiest Athem

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The Disturbed / 36 Crazy Fist

The Disturbed/36 Crazy Fist split EP 7″

The Disturbed / 36 Crazy Fist split EP 7″ (Anonymous Records Scotland) 199?

Pardon the stolen picture, but I scoured the internet and was only able to find this album’s cover on eBay. The first 3 songs in this post are only The Disturbed’s half of the split album. These first couple tracks are my favorite songs of The Disturbed’s other than “Diplomatic Immunity” which is on their “This Is… Credibility” EP; also found on this site. The last 2 songs are ones that I haven’t been able to find any information about using the almighty interweb over the years. Also, if any members of The Disturbed see this post like they had the last one, I urge other users to let it be known that they sure as hell should release any other material that hasn’t yet graced our waxy little earholes =D !

This post has been submitted upon request.

The Disturbed – 01 – All Must Suffer
The Disturbed – 02 – Jesus Freaks
The Disturbed – 03 – M.I.A.

The Disturbed – 04 – President’s Dead
The Disturbed – 05 – Ridicule

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The Freeze

The Freeze - Tempe, Arizona 03-18-2009

This flyer is incorrect !!! This will actually be @ Stray Cats in Tempe, AZ. 03-18-2009.


Laughin’ Nose

get the glory

Laughin’ Nose – Get the Glory (AA Records 01) 1983

This 7″ is from 1983 and was released on AA records. This was the last release (I believe) from their noisey hardcore period. After this they turned into a semi-decent pop punkish band. I do not know much information about them, but they started in 1982 and played up until the late 80s and then in 1994 they got back together and are still playing today.

Get The Glory
Death Trap
Russian Roulette
No War
how to kill

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