Antidote – Thou Shalt Not

Antidote – Thou Shalt Not Kill (Antidote Records) ’83

now this is some great ‘ol intense NYHC from ’83…i think this was way before its time, well played hardcore with a bit of ummm dare i say metallic ting (dont kill me). arthur googey(ex-Misfits) beats the skins, john joesph (cromag) backs em on “real deal”. i can see where slipknot ( not the iowa one ) got their sound from. nothing more to add here, if you know what became of this band, fill us in. now turn it up!


life as one / nazi youth
real deal
foreign job lot
zero mentality
got me on the line
die at war
something must be done


Descendents – Ride The Wild

Descendents – Ride The Wild / It’s A Hectic World (Orca Productions. l-1056) ’79

This ones for malfeitor from dress for the h bomb.

Only 100 Pressed on Orca so you guessed it pretty rare, but then again how does one rate rare… (1) rare as in pressings? (2) rare as in how enjoyable this single is and theres only 100 pressed? well if ya took the (2) then id have to say this single aint to “rare”. and thats just my opinion…but never cared for this single and well prob. never will. but let you be the judge of this one…


ride the wild
its a hectic world


Descendents – Fat EP

Descendents – Fat EP (New Alliance, NAR 005) ’81

the fat ep was Milo Aukerman’s first apperance with the band…what a great addition. very cool image this band created all around their singer the nerdy Milo…the lp’s even had titles chronicaling his life. i still think he shouldve been a saturday morning cartoon. after the release of the single followed two other great lps Milo Goes To College LP 1982, I Don’t Want To Grow Up LP 1985, anything past these two wasnt my cup ‘o tea. always loved the closing track on this single, so heres the lyrics for ya all to sing along to…

welcome to der weinerschnitzel, may i take your order please?
yeah i want: two large cokes, two large fries chili-cheese dog,
large doctor pepper super deluxe,
with cheese and tomato
you want bill sperm with that?


my dad sucks
mr bass
i like food
hey hey


Stretch Marks – Whos in Charge

Stretch Marks – Whos in Charge (Headbutt Records) ’83

great canadian hardcore/punk band from winnipeg manitoba. they toured alot did great live shows then released a shitty lp and broke up. real sad these guys rocked back in the day. after the lp they tried to become somekinda alt.rock band that well at its best was bad. still this ep did get great reviews and i believe it still does. go ahead check em out yourself and let me know what ya think…


who’s in charge
force fucker
dogs world
barren cities
sik pleasure
professional punks


Buzzcocks – Spiral Scratch

Buzzcocks – Spiral Scratch (New Hormones Records) ’76

debuting in manchecter opening for the sex pistols, that same year they released this single “spiral scratch” recorded dec 28, 1976 at indigo sound studio, manchester on 16 track. the single was released on their own record label New Hormones Records. original pressing was 1000 but went to be repressed to sell 16,000 units. the re-issue of the single was distributed by Virgin and placed #31 on the UK singles chart. the re-issue cover was almost identical to the orginal except for the words “with howard devoto”…howard was the orginal buzzcocks singer but after the release of this single quit the band to form Magazine.


times up
friends of mine


Agnostic Front – United Blood

skinhead label

Agnostic Front – United Blood

released in 1983 on their own AF Records label. 1000 copies in total pressed in ’83, 400 having the b side skinhead label and the rest of the 1000 pressed having a plain white b side label.

heard that the label error was a pressing plant error also that the remaining 600 skinhead labels ended up on some disco record. its a good single but i still prefer their Victim in Pain lp. never really cared for anything post Victim, check it out for yourself….

no one rules
final war
last warning
friend or foe
united blood
discriminate me
in control
crucial changes


the germs – forming

The Germs – Forming / Sex Boy (What Records 1978)

ok lets get one thing straight right from the start, the germs where not one of my favorite bands but they did play apart in what direction my music listing went. this first single is very rough more then likely done on a 2 track recorder. when it first came out it was available through mail order for $1.00, now it sells for only around $60USD…thought it wouldve commanded a higher price. Belinda Carlsile once played drums for the germs. the back cover of this single warns that this record may cause ear cancer! the line-up for this single was…

Bobby Pyn ( later became known as Darby Crash) – Vocals
Pat Smear – Guitar ( still cant believe this guy played for the Foo Fighters )
Loran Doom – Bass
Donna Rhia ( replaced Belinda Carlisle ) – Drums.


sex boy

the germs


Alternative TV

Alternative TV – Life / Love Lies Limp (Deptford Fun City DFC-05) ’78

Formed in March 1977 by Mark and Alex. Played there first gig at the Nottingham Punk Festival in May ’77. Still playing shows and recording, sorry but I really wasnt the biggest ATV fan so i got very little to go on here, but ive always liked this single …check it out.


love lies limp


Fear – Now Your Dead

My house smells just like the zoo,
It’s chock full of shit and puke!
Cockroaches on the walls
Crabs crawlin’ on my balls!
Ohh, but I’m so clean cut,
I just wanna fuck some sluts!

I love livin’ in the city [x2]

Spent my whole life in the city,
Where junk is king and the air smells shitty.
People pukin’ everywhere.
Piles of blood, scabs and hair.
Bodies wasted in the street,
People dyin’ on the street,
But the suburban scumbags, they don’t care,
Just get fat and dye their hair!

I love livin’ in the city [x2]

I finally got this 7″ of FEAR’s first ever release, contains “now your dead” backed with “i love living in the city”. I have seen this one go for over $600USD on ebay…ouch! Its seems strange that side ‘a’ has “now your dead” while side ‘b’ conatins “i love living in the city”…i guess they thought “now your dead” was going to be the so called ‘hit’, meanwhile “i love living in the city” turned out to be the so called ‘hit’. Very unintresting cover white with FEAR in black on front, cover art seems to be with the times. This was released on Toxic Tunes 1978, check it out…


now your dead
i love livin in the city


Process Of Elimination

Process Of Elimination – Comp. EP (Touch & Go Records 4) 1981

Was released on the Touch & Go Records label, black vinyl with two inserts…one insert was of photos and the other had the lyrics. All the detroit bands where recorded at some hippies home studio…the artwork was changed at the last minute due to the Jeff Nelson’s (minor threat) original artwork being lost in the mail. Heres the original idea for the cover…

the EP was produced by Corey Rusk bassist for the Necros…id say he shouldnt quit his day job. Stand out would be the Necros track on here, along with the Fix track which is alright…the rest well you be the judge.


Necros – Bad Dream
Meatmen – Meatmen Stomp
Negative Approach – Lost Cause
Youth Patrol – America’s Power
Toxic Reasons – Riot Squad
Violent Apathy – I Can’t Take It
McDonald’s – Miniature Golf
Fix – No Idols