Agnostic Front – United Blood

skinhead label

Agnostic Front – United Blood

released in 1983 on their own AF Records label. 1000 copies in total pressed in ’83, 400 having the b side skinhead label and the rest of the 1000 pressed having a plain white b side label.

heard that the label error was a pressing plant error also that the remaining 600 skinhead labels ended up on some disco record. its a good single but i still prefer their Victim in Pain lp. never really cared for anything post Victim, check it out for yourself….

no one rules
final war
last warning
friend or foe
united blood
discriminate me
in control
crucial changes


9 thoughts on “Agnostic Front – United Blood

  1. One classic after another!! I had a friend that got this from a guy who decided being punk wasn’t compatible with being Christian. He got over 100 7″s for $1 each- Agnostic Front, 1st Skrewdriver, Cause For Alarm, Beasties’ Pollywog Stew, TR’s Ghost Town, Queer Pills, etc. This was @1986 but this stuff was already starting to become rare.

  2. ive gotten a few in my life through trades for slurpees but over 100 singles for $1 each…damn… wish i was there for that sell. when i look back to ’86 i think of all the great vinyl i could of had for crazy low prices but simply i didnt have to money at the time.

  3. Great site!!!
    I saw Agnostic Front in Liverpool (UK) a few months back. Crowd was surprisingly small, I’d say 150 max. After slogging through a few tracks from One Voice (which I actually quite like) and the new shitty album, Roger Miret turns to Stigma, has a brief conversation, and then says to the audience: “Fuck it, we’re going to play everything from United Blood and Victim in Pain!”

    Crowd goes wild, everybody goes home happy!

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