The Clash – White Riot

The Clash – White Riot (CBS) ’77

Released 18th March, 1977, Chart peak no. 38. Two great tracks from one of thee greatest bands to exsist ( if not the greatest of all time). I included all the single PS for you to eye over…Whats your favorite cover? Mines the Italian one. Ok so what more can you say about the Clash…if you dont know you never will. Turn it up!

white riot


The Abused – Loud and Clear

The Abused – Loud and Clear (Abused Music) ’83

500 made of this rare and amazing nyhc single by the abused, reissued on the 12″ boot ‘the way it was’ lp. again if you got the cash at this very moment you can get a copy for yourself off ebay for as little as $425USD! or better yet just take it from here and pay your rent this month.

loud and clear
war games
just another fool
no end in sight
nuclear threat
watch out
blow your brains out
drug free youth


The Eat – Communist Radio

The Eat – Communist Radio (giggling hitler) ’79

the eat from florida highly sought after single and here you have it…the band throw a shitload of these into the crowd at the release party. 500 pressed and a few stomped on at the free record show, makes this one a rare find. if you got the bucks you might be able to get your own copy on ebay for around 800USD…at this time there is currently an auction going on. this single contains two live tracks of great straight ahead punk rock, check em out…

communist radio
catholic love


Articles of Faith – What We Want Is Free

Articles of Faith – What We Want Is Free (version sound / wasteland records) ’82

Articles of Faith were a highly influential Chicago based hardcore punk band (1981-1985) notable for song-writing in a class above most of their contemoraries (and sucessors). The band’s later work, the posthumous ‘In this life’ LP in particular, either founds or foreshadows the emo amd emocore sound. The typical AoF song featured hummable melodies and conspicuous hooks accompanied by lyrics bemoaning the difficulty of finding freedom and fulfillment in a cookie-cutter mass-consumption driven society all delivered at a searing pace. While the band’s influence was blunted by being based in Chicago, they maintained close muscial and thematic ties to the Washington DC / Dischord Records scene. -wikipedia

Really great cover photo, one kid has got his fred on…this photo must of originated in england. One thing that stands out in my mind was these real cheap armbands they gave out at their show…the arm band was like a red ribbon you’d win at a school track meet. I think I still have it kickin around here somewhere…

my father’s dreams
bad attitude
what we want is free


The Freeze – I Hate Tourists

The Freeze – Don’t Forget Me Tommy/I Hate Tourists ’80

500 pressed? First off I would like to get someone to explain the different covers posted here…this is the freeze’s first single and very sought after by all record collectors. side A could almost get them radio airplay these days, great track. side B is the over rated i hate tourists, hear for yourself. their later stuff killed this one, makes me wonder why this is such a collectible..?

schizophrenic records has re-released this single on coloured vinyl with signed liner notes by clif hanger. get over there and order up a copy now!

i hate tourists
driving down route 28
i gotta hurry fast or i’ll be late
because i see a girl and she wants a ride
and she’ll soon be sitting by my side
but the guy in front from michigan
is slowing down to let her in
with her gone i can’t shoot my load
so i fuckin run him off the road

because i hate tourists tourists suck
it’s only their daughters i wanna fuck
there isn’t a tourist that i don’t hate
so get the hell out of my state

i hate tourists

i went down to my beach at noon
i got pushed away there was no room
their bodies are covering our ocean land
and their babies are pissing in our sand
the only place where there aren’t too many
is in our local cemetary
i’ll tell you now i’ll do what i can
and get em all sent to iran

because i hate tourists tourists suck
it’s only their daughters i wanna fuck
there isn’t a tourist that i don’t hate
so get the hell out of my state

don’t forget me tommy
i hate tourists