Headcleaners – The Infection Grows

Headcleaners – The Infection Grows (Xcentric Noise) ’83

Here you have another classic offering from Swedens Headcleaners….The Infection Grows EP. Cover artwork was done by Brian ‘pushead’ Schroeder….I have a hard time believing that pushead drew the whole cover. Seems the titles where added in after the art, and the people were also added in…The only thing I can see being original Pushead art would be the skull and his signature, what you think? Also see this post for more Headcleaners.

With medication
Epidemic infection
No sense
Invented crap
Piles of flesh
Destruction in mind


Patriots – Land Of The Free

Patriots – Land Of The Free (Another Lousy Record) ’83

Strange Reaction (Sorry Scott dont mean to dupe your post) posted this single back in May 2005 but didnt include the front cover, so here we have the very ugly cover of this amazing hardcore ep. Read more on Patriots at Strange Reaction. This single kinda reminds me of the Fix meet MDC…wrong or right?

land of the free
nobody no more
strangling me
can’t wait
the guilty walk free
bang, bang, bang


VKTMS – 100% White Girl

VKTMS – 100% White Girl (415 Records) ’80

VKTMS are a punk band from the original days of the wild and crazy scene in San Francisco in the late ’70s. Inspired by the fire and intensity of the punk explosion, Louis Gwerder (drums) began putting a band together with some friends on bass and guitar. They found Nyna (Napalm) Crawford through a listing on a bulletin board. This was the beginning of the type of serendipity that has always occurred around VKTMS. Not only was the band impressed by her vocal and lyric writing talents but they were also awed by the way she cracked the solid concrete floor with her hyper-active performing style.

Nyna 1956-2000 R.I.P.

100% white girl
no long good byes


Hitler SS / Tampax – Split EP

Hitler SS / Tampax – Split EP (Compact Cassette Records) ’78

The birth of punk in Italy. Loud and snotty punk Italian style, this would have to be one of the best singles to ever emerge out of Italy. 1000 copies pressed, some sides play at 45rpm others play at 33, very strange…
Love the liner note on the Tampax side: Recorded from 5:30pm to 5:45pm (30 December 1978) Thats what I call a cheap studio bill.


Hitler SS
Punk Is Dead No Solution

Ufo dictator
Tampax (in the cunt)


The Victims – Television Addict

THE VICTIMS television addict 7″ ORIGINAL kbd
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End date:2003-07-06
Start price:USD10
Start date:2003-06-29
Number of bids:19

Great band from Perth, Australia features Dave Faulkner who went on to form the Hoodoo Gurus. Two killer tracks here, strange how almost 30 years after Television Addict (now covered by the Hellacopters) was written we can still relate to the words one way or another. Seems the TV is the root of all evil, so turn off the TV and crank up the Victims.

television addict
i’m flipped out over you


Zero Boys – Livin’ In The 80’s

End price:USD538
End date:2004-11-02
Start price:USD8
Start date:2004-10-26
Number of bids:24

Zero Boys – Livin’ In The 80’s (Z Disc) ’79

Most of you have heard of the Zero Boys one way or another…their first recording on their own label Z Disc is entitled “livin in the 80’s”. Not as good as their full length lp “Vicious Circle” but in its own right a punk classic. The Zero Boys must of been overdosing on the Stooges and Ramones just before lying these tracks down. Worth its weight in gold…

livin’ in the 80’s
stoned to death
stick to your guns
i’m bored
a piece of me


Bob Marley – Who Colt The Game

Bob Marley – Who Colt The Game (Produced by Lee Perry) ’77

Came across this single and thought i’d dust it off and share it with you kids…marley and many other reggae bands had a big influence on punk (some may agree some not). bob was one of the greats, he was a great influence to me and others around me. this track is timeless just like most early punk recordings…

who colt the game
who colt the dub


Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans – Philadelphia Freedom (restless records) ’86

It has been written that Simon Bob basically started the ‘punk scene’ in Durham, he was the big promoter of the day. He would run all his show outta St. John’s Cultural Center, a church basement. Sinister was credited for doing graphic works for COC, Dead Kennedys and his own band. The Ugly Americans first lp was entitled “The Dream Turns Sour” (Discipline Records) ’84 and was said to have gotten rave reviews amongst the local Durham ‘scene’. Their second offering the “Whos Been Sleeping In My Bed” Lp saw the americans signed on with Metal Blade records offshoot Death Records in ’85. Sinister went on to sing for COC for a short stint, recording and producing “Technocracy” as well as the tour support for this release, this was also the last great COC lineup to emerge. Heres their last single produced and engineered by Slagel and Metoyer…around the time of the whole ‘crossover’ scene if you had a band you wanted to work with these two guys, you knew just those 2 names on the back of the sleeve would help.

philadelphia freedom
sleepless nightmare