Bob Marley – Who Colt The Game

Bob Marley – Who Colt The Game (Produced by Lee Perry) ’77

Came across this single and thought i’d dust it off and share it with you kids…marley and many other reggae bands had a big influence on punk (some may agree some not). bob was one of the greats, he was a great influence to me and others around me. this track is timeless just like most early punk recordings…

who colt the game
who colt the dub

7 Responses to “Bob Marley – Who Colt The Game”

  1. charlie Says:

    great post! -always good to throw in something
    different every once in awhile

  2. Jason Says:

    man you should start!!!!

  3. stunt Says:

    Jason you could make a good run at that site…seems Lee had his hand in on alot of the early 7inchers.

  4. chris gray Says:

    this message is for nicky sicky. I met u in houston when u were living with brett i was the little red haired kid who used to get real throwed. Drove a caddy. You would always talk about ur dog argose. Anyway im in san daigo 4 a little while and wanted to try to catch a show if u read this shoot me an E-mail. Hope your doing good out there in San Fransisco.

  5. dave Says:

    This is great! Awesome choice!

  6. ward Says:

    rare shit. i thought that tune was only recorded as a lee perry vocal.

  7. Pure PunK No JunK!! Says:


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