Crash Box

Crash Box – Vivi ! ep (self released) ’84
I don’t know much about this band except they were from Milano, Italy and this 7″ came out in 1984. This, along with a handful of other Italian bands, was some of the earliest stuff I mail-ordered from ads in maximum rock and roll zine. It was always odd trusting someone in another country to send you the stuff you ordered but when it got there you had the coolest international records ever put out. The sound isn’t the greatest on this 7″ but I think the music shines through the raw recording.

la trappola
troppi rimpianti
se devo vivere
morire cos

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BRAINZ single - front

THE BRAINZ – The Brainz (Placebo Records) ’79
This could be considered a companion post with the MIGHTY SPHINCTER ep posted a while back. This pre-SPHINCTER 1979 single from Phoenix’s THE BRAINZ features Doug Clark (no relation to DOUG CLARK & THE HOT NUTS) on guitar and Joe Albanese on bass, as well as Wayne Frost on vocals. This may or may not be the same Wayne Frost that plays bass on SPHINCTER’s 1987 “Kingdom Of Heaven” lp. There are also connections to 45GRAVE and MEAT PUPPETS, whose bassist Chris Kirkwood was inspired by seeing THE BRAINZ back in 1978. Clearly more musically accomplished than most punks, THE BRAINZ are quirky and intense as well as influential. Much, much more on this history can be viewed here.

Elementary Monster

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Endtables – White Glove Test

White Glove-ps

Endtables – White Glove Test (Self Destruct) ’79/’91

The Endtables released one super rare 45 in 1979 and a posthumous 45 in 1991. The Endtables were one of the first punk bands from Louisville, Kentucky and had some links with the Babylon Dance Band. This single was released in 1991 but was from the 1979 recording sessions that yielded the amazing Process of Elimination e.p (I’ll have to post this at a later date). Both 45s are a must for anyone who loves a little art mixed in with their punk. I remember hearing a rumor that Rave-Up was going to put out some unreleased tracks by the Endtables. The sleeve scan is lifted from the collectorscum site because I was too lazy to photograph the sleeve. Back in 1991 I passed up this single because I was too busy looking for Pavement records (or something). I remember thinking the band had a “cool name”.

White Glove Test
Trick or Treat

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Bobby Soxx

front cover

Bobby Soxx – Learn to Hate in the 80’s (VVV) ’81

Wish I had some more info to share about this band. From Dallas, Texas. Bobby Soxx himself would go on to sing with the Teenage Queers and Stick Men With Ray Guns. Both bands played the songs on this 7” at some point, and I believe Stick Men with Ray Guns put together a compilation of all their old shit, including covers of these two tracks. I don’t beleive this one has been posted on any of the sites in the local internet mp3 blog scene, but if it has I apologize. The music is slow and sludgey and funnyvocalsoundingish at times and just downright fucking awesome. One of my favorite 7″s ever, aside from the one in mah pants. Har har har har har har har har har har har har har har.

Learn to Hate in the 80’s
Scavenger of Death

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Negazione – Tutti Pazzi (Disco Autoprodotto) ’85

Negazione are kinda at the moment the Winter Olympic band…being that the games are currently taking place in their home town of Turin Italy. Maybe if they where still around they might of had a chance in playing the opening ceremonies…or maybe not. anyhow they broke up in ’92.

Mucchio selvaggio (1984)
Tutti pazzi (1985)
Condannati a morte nel vostro quieto vivere (1985)
Lo Spirito continua (1986)
… Nightmare (1987)
Little Dreamer (1988)
Behind The Door/Sempre In Bilico (1989)
Wild Bunch The Early days (1989)
100% (1990)


sogni & bisogni
la mia mente
tutti pazzi

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Painted Willie

Painted Willie – S/T (Spinhead) ’84

Former members of Sin 34, Painted Willie’s sound was a unique blend of straight ahead rock, adolescent humour and punk energy. This is their first single; it was a cool departure from the hardcore that was prevalent at the time. They went on to release a few albums on SST.

Ragged Army
Paper Tiger
Kill It

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