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Now you can write your own post here and save it as a draft so we can publish it for you . Please try to only publish 7inch singles. After you have registered here, you are able to post a 7inch for review. Please follow these steps…

1.) Register and login into the site using the password that will be emailed out to you as soon as you register.
2.) Hit the Upload button to upload all your mp3 files…Once you have uploaded your mp3’s copy the code, and hit on the Write button…paste your code into the msg box.
3.) Use the IImage Browser button to upload all your image files. The images are ready to be used by simply clicking on them once you have uploaded them, then use the add to post . The mp3 will have to be moved by one of us just before we approve the post.
4.) Hit the Save button and youre done…

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    1. yeah. get either roxio or some other sort of program for your computer that allows you to record straight from your turntable/stereo. it runs about 50 bucks and comes with the cord you plug into your sound card. i’ve converted all my 7 inchers which are way out of print.

  1. First to help in the first comment Mike,

    I have a cd burner I have hooked up to my stereo system. But hey, google “recording vinyl to computer” and you will find all kinds of new gadgets that can do what you are looking for. The sites have requirements for your PC, software, operating system and hi-fi components (amplifier and turntable) Looks like a variety of options and costs.

    Second: I can convert to mp3’s from all sources how can I contribute? I can send mp3’s through email and send cover scans as well. Thanks

  2. meandaddy60…just zip/tar/rar whatever you perfer and you can send it through the upload section once you have logged in. Dont forget to include the mp3, scans, and the text file you want to add to the post. If you find that easier…

  3. Oh I should have mentioned, obviously I’m only talking about the out-of-print stuff in those lists… I come to these sites and find great stuff that I may never otherwise have the chance to hear so if I have anything similar to offer then great, I’d love to do it!

  4. I have to admit that I like a few pops and static in my rips as well. Maybe it’s just growing up with vinyl but somehow it just sounds right. This is a fantastic idea, now even you’ll be surprised at what makes your posts (yugopunk, didn’t see that one coming).

  5. I hear you, it’s part of the experience. For me it’s part of the experience of actually playing the record though; pops and static doesn’t do a whole lot for me once digitized and playing through a computer or car or whatever.

  6. hey little jon..youre such a purist, which is great. but if this the only way we have to share the vinyl experience with each other…then i guess we gotta live with the digitized garbage.

  7. You prefer to hear the original pops, clicks and noise in your digital audio and I’m the purist? Heh, OK.

    I didn’t come here to upset anybody so I apologize if that’s the case, it wasn’t intentional. I really enjoy what you folks are doing and thought I might be able to contribute but perhaps I’ll be better off just leeching.

  8. Hey little jon…bro no offense taken at all. this is the one big reason i hate the computer, you really cant show expressions in the writing. when i re-read my comment you might be right it does sound a little harsh, but trust me i didnt mean it to sound like that. being a purist is cool, we all have a bit of it in us…just some of us can not afford to enjoy the originals the way they where ment to be heard, so we have to digitize and share what we can. we always welcome your input here.
    No Apology Needed.

  9. Thanks for the opportunity to share some vinyl. I’ve been gathering mp3’s from a few of the blogs recently and am glad to now be able and give some back. Had a little trouble figuring it out but got some great C2D posted for you to review. Sorry about doubling up on “D Day”. Got it down for the next one though. Thanks again!!!!

  10. I use an ADS tech “instant music” external computer tool which hooks up to your stereo and then to your computer. It also comes with a NERO program which is awesome thus far and easy to work with. I cost around $40 bucks and you can find it at most big chain electronic depts. If anyone gets this and has probs with the program feel free to contact me.

  11. i’ll tell you the simplier way to record vynil, k7 (tape) and wathever primitive (as i like) to mp3 :)

    just put the thing (vinil in the case) on the vinil player and make sure the player has a phones out or Audio out… you plug in a Line in cable in the AUDIO out (where the sound of the vinil source will came out ) and you plug the line in cable to the line in entrance of your computer (also works on the microphone entrance)… then just use a program to record n real time… i use cool edit pro 2.0 eheheheh

  12. great! i like to listen, but also like to contribute. i have been thinking about starting my own blog, but maybe it’s better to to have a few really good ones, instead of tons of blogs with just a little on it. cheers!

  13. I have some music I’d like to post. I currently don’t have a scanner so I wont have pictures of the sleeves, but the music is better than nothing.

    Also, what format of MP3 do you recommend? (That question is for anyone). I have been ripping my vinyl at 128 kBit/s and they sound a little tinny to me.

  14. peteymon, 128 is fine as long as people can sample the music. but if you want i would at least go with a vbr 192 or above. also digital cameras make ok scanners thats if you have one of those. happy contributing!

  15. How can it be that u publish our songs and have them ready to download?
    If u where in Holland I would smash your face in doing your shit.Our songs are protected and u need to BUY our new CD LP couldn’t care less from Kangaroo records. Fuck your so called nice site . No permission no songs.
    Agent Orange Holland. Guido
    Fuck free downloads!!

  16. How do you contribute?

    Request anyone out in Hardcore land to please post up some old F if possible, I used to have the Album four bands that could change the world and loved all the tunes from F.

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