Peace Corpse – Quincy’s Lament


Peace Corpse – Quincy’s Lament (Toxic Shock TOX003) ’83

Yeah, it’s available again, but I haven’t seen it here or on any of the other blogs, so for those who haven’t heard it or forgot…imagine Bugs Bunny & William Burroughs’ lovechild reciting doompoetry while Black Sabbath play the 45Grave songbook. Speaking of which, when you’re done downloading this, slither over to Something I Learned Today @ Blogspot and get the KILSLUG ep’s. Also included for your further derangement is the doom gods’ & goddesses’ *track from the 1983 “Barricaded Suspects” compilation. Last but not least, here’s photographic proof that Pat Robertson also rocks to PEACE CORPSE!

Pat Robertson hails PEACE CORPSE!

Quincy’s Lament
Presidente Camouflage
Small Talk Death
Dead in a Pile of Chairs
One Way
Jocko Macho
*Breech Birth Generation

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8 thoughts on “Peace Corpse – Quincy’s Lament

  1. I like these guys but always thought the singer was trying too hard to sound like Johnny Rotten.

    Thanks for posting Breech Birth Generation. I have it on a cassette I made years ago at the record library of a radio station but somewhere down the line I accidentally taped over the first minute of it. I didn’t write down its name and I could never remember the title of the compilation it was on. I’m happy to hear the song in its entirety again.

  2. hmm, well the correct spelling for the condition of reverse fetal presentation is “breech birth” but it seems the Amazon entry for the Barricaded Suspects reissue has the title listed as “Breach Birth”, no “Generation” either… perhaps my memory is foggy…

  3. i always considered Bill’s voice akin to some of Mel Blanc’s characters for Warner Bros cartoons, thus the Bugs Bunny comparison, mixed with the lazy monotone of Burroughs. who better to sing lyrics like “beans and bullets/fart and kill” or “just one of many/zombies of despair/life is not easy/on NBC”?

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