(las)VULPESS-Me gusta ser una zorra (dos rombos) ’83

Great all-female band from Spain circa 1983. They didn’t release much but this 7″ is legendary among fans of Spanish punk and collectors alike.
The song “Me gusta ser una zorra” loosely translates into I LIKE BEING A SLUT/VIXEN and got them alot of attention/trouble. For a great history of the band from original guitarist/writer of “me gusta…” Loles Vazquez click here and for a cool video clip of “me gusta ser una zorra” click here

me gusta ser una zorra

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  1. this band actually performed this song on a spanish game show in ’82 or ’83 as a cover of the stooges’ “i wanna be your dog” (1969). the cover topped the charts after the program aired. i believe this 7″ was the product of their new found popularity.

  2. Great 7 Inch, but Zorra does not mean slut or anything like that. I actually means crafty, or clever. Just wanted to let you know. Thanx for this great 7 inch!! :P Cheers

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