CANI – Guai a Voi ! ep (Dischi Storti records) ’83

CANI (“dogs” in Italian) are another band from Italy I know virtually nothing about. This 7″, Guai a Voi!! (roughly translated “troubles to you”) came out in 1984. Although what I’ve read bout these guys claims they started as an OI influenced band, this has always reminded me of a DC/Dischord kinda vibe. I’ve owned this records since it came out and thought it needed a bit more recognition. Enjoy.
thanks to KILL FROM THE HEART for the sleeve scan

guai a voi !
psico guerra
questa e la tua vita
diche parli
I tempi son combati

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CANI – GUAI A VOI 7″ hardcore punk kbd NABAT ITALY 1983
End price:USD309
End date:2006-02-05
Start price:USD1
Start date:2006-01-29
Number of bids:19




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  1. Cani were also on the Goot from the Boot and Raptus 2 comps,ive only got Goot,and cani are easily the most hc on that comp.
    Those ebay prices mean fuck all except peoples stupidity/wealth i paid £50 for the cani 7″ in mint nick a few days before the other auction.

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