RAPPRESAGLIA – Danzi di Guerra ep (self released) ’84

RAPPRESAGLIA (“reprisal” in Italian) are a band from Milano, Italy who formed in 1982 and are still around today. This 7″ (translated “dance of war”) was their first release. Prior to this 7″ saw a few scattered compilations tracks and after they released an LP. Their sound wasn’t typical of the era either(hardcore & thrash) mixing element of ’77 punk with a ’60s garage sound (Wire mixed with Nuggets comps. comes to mind) Not much more is know about this band but if you read Italian, their website is here.
ps: thanks to KILL FROM THE HEART for the sleeve scan

danzi di guerra
la crime
destruggi le illusioni

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5 thoughts on “Rappresaglia

  1. Surly: i have other RAPPRESAGLIA tracks, totally different style from a year earlier, fast NEGATIVE APPROACH style hc with rapid-fire italian vocals, great stuff. these can be found on the BCT comp “Music On Fire” or a rare italian comp called “Punk+Skin=TNT”. never heard anything further from them until your post. same band/different style or different band altogether? either way, thanx for another unknown gem.

  2. Pre-Rappresaglia band was called Sottocultura. They had one track on V/A “Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers, & Presidennti” 7″ as well as several tracks on tape compilations. Rappresaglia released tracks on V/A “Skins E Punks = TNT” 7″ and tape comps (as stated) as well as on V/A “4 per A//AA per Tutti” 7″. Their ’82 demo, from which the songs on “Skins E Punks” originated, was pressed on vinyl and CD in recent years. The LP includes a huge booklet. They also released a 7″ in the ’90s with old songs redone and some new songs. Each release has a slightly different sound, but they are all awesome.

  3. boob, yup- same band, as stuart stated above. the songs from “music on fire” and “skins e punks=tnt” comps are the same. pm me through the forum and we’ll talk “eye-tail-yun” h.c.

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