Indirekt – Nieuws voor Doven en Slechthorenden (Ko-Rec) ’84

Indirekt were a dutch punkband from Hoorn who released a demotape (wich I’m looking for) 2 7″es, a great lp and a split lp
with the Vernon Walters. This 7″ was released in 1984. Female vocals singing all songs in dutch make it even better to my ears.

Have Fun.


Posted by: eddy

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  1. vcrpunk Says:

    totally agree with your comments. great post. I especially enjoyed the female vocalists in punk rock back in the day when it was new and quite different,(when boys ruled the microphone).

  2. wedge Says:

    ive had all this bands other records, but never this one.THIS RULES!!! i never thought their other records were that great, BUT THIS IS GREAT!!!

    also check out their MIND BLOWING tracks on the “Binja 2000 Jaar Gelden” comp cassette from late-1983

  3. wedge Says:

    and also their killer tracks on the “Hollands Hardcore” Volume 2 cassette from 1984…

  4. wedge Says:

    AAAHHH almost forgot… the Split with Vernon Walters is actually a 2xLP set in a large poster sleeve, but almost 3/4 of it is Vernon Walters stuff(and i never really cared for them). as for the few Indirekt tracks are kinda OK,i guess; but the 2-3 live tracks KILL!!

  5. Dave Says:

    love it!

  6. vik Says:

    Hey WEDGE!

    Put them online!

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