The music scene in Düsseldorf of the late 70s was highly influential and many people who played in the bands (whose line-ups where a pure incest haha) late became famous (but I do not really understand the reasons…). Among the first punk bands in Germany was CHARLEY’S GIRLS who only released some tracks on a incredible rare live LP compilation that was named after the club in Berlin where it was recorded, the “S.O. 36″ (only 100 pressed, with a cover made out of two steel-plates. – I sadly never got the chance to listen to that one though). While CHARLEY’S GRILS still did exist, about three of them formed the MITTAGSPAUSE who released a double EP and a single before splitting up. One of the members moved on in S.Y.P.H. who released a noisy 7″ and a better Lp (well, at least one side of the LP is better, the b-side is slow and completely boring) before turning into complete needlessness and resting their for a very long time. 2-3 members of MITTAGSPAUSE formed the FEHLFARBEN who first did a two-tone ska 7″ and after that released an incredible LP that everyone knows of (and this for good reason). After the singer, Peter Hein (also in MITTAGSPAUSE, CHARLEY’S GIRLS, etc. etc.) quit the band they turned into just another NDW band. Today, Hein is back and the band looks even more like a caricature. Generally you can say that most bands out of Düsseldorf losed their progressiveness by ’80/’81 – the consequence were such bands as DIE TOTEN HOSEN…
Many of the above mentioned bands played the same songs (cause they had often the same mebers), most of the time in different versions. Another document for that is the posthumous live LP of MITTAGSPAUSE: “Punk macht dicken Arsch”.

MITTAGSPAUSE – s/t 2×7″ (self produced) ’79

This one was later repressed on 12″ format.

3x Nordpol
X – 9200
In der Tat

MITTAGSPAUSE – s/t 7″ (Rondo) ’79

The a-side is a masterpiece, but the b-side is quite annoying (a song about a magical dragon…).


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  1. Wow these are both really good records, thanks emilok!

    BTW, that “annoying” track is a Peter, Paul & Mary tune, some might call it a masterpiece in it’s own right! Fang used to do that one too, quite well.

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