BLACK FLAG – Nervous breakdown ep (SST) ’78

I’ve been pissed off the last couple days with this and that, mostly due to a proverbial thorn in my side. When I’m feeling foul, this is the record I reach for. The pure SCORCH that comes from my speakers when I play this record is the only thing that clears the anger in my head.

To the jealous and the haters of this world – FUCK OFF!!! To everyone else, enjoy the one of THE best punk rock 7″ ever put out and thanks for the support!!

nervous breakdon
fix me
I’ve had it

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18 thoughts on “BLACK FLAG

  1. This was one of the first records (it starts off the First 4 Years comp.) with which I began my acquaintance with punk rock after the Sex Pistols album & Beastie Boys’ Pollywog Stew. I always loved american hardcore of early 80s & I still do. Reagan Youth, Germs, 7Seconds, Gang Green… and Black Flag was the group that got me into it. Sadly, Morris departed from the band before they recorded my fave tune of theirs, Depression.

  2. i guess we could argue all day about Hank’s relevance in ‘the FLAG’…i personally thought he was great. c’mon: name a more pissed-off & heavy american record than “My War”??? at any rate, Morris & FLAG definitely recorded their best stuff together, so i’ll concur.

  3. ive always been partial to the DEZ stuff on “everything went black”, but you do NOT fuck with this ep…i think it can also be said that pretty much all Black Flag vocalists went on to stuff that makes us all cringe…such is life…

    yeah, i did see the FistMits with dez…my wife INSISTED on going ‘cos she never got to see the Misfits…i tried explaining that this gig isnt the Misfits, so why bother??…without a doubt, the WORST piece of shit ive ever seen. what made it even worse was all the 12 year-old kids whose only connection to Misfits is what they had their parents buy them from HotTopic absolutely KILLING themselves to crowd up front & attempt to sing along…that, and the fact the place was absolutely PACKED…im still in therapy from the trauma…

  4. I was fortunate enough to see the Misfits in ’82 at the Whiskey a go go. I had never heard of them before that night. When they came out I was yelling “KISS ripoffs”. Then they played, my mouth was shut from then on. Fucking incredible! Got to stay for the second show for free, as not many people showed up for the gig. I feel fortunate to have seen them then. As for Dez, I still feel he was the best Flag vocalist…….although he did suck balls after that.

  5. hooooooboy, here we go. i just know this is gonna practically start a war, but i just can’t zip my trap. i’m up for it anyway, so here goes: any-era (yeah, even spoken-word) BLACK FLAG is better than anything ever by the MISFITS…ever. sorry kids, but i calls ‘em like i sees ‘em.

  6. Oh no…………My War era Flag and after is really horrible. Misfits got really bad after Walk among us, for sure. I just didn’t get it. Black Coffee, Black Coffee….blah blah blah. Oh well, at least Flag changed there sound, not to my liking, but oh well. Cheers

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