The Nips

nips cover

The Nips – Gabrielle/Vegeance (Chiswick Records) ’79

The Nipple Erectors/Nips consisted of Shane MacGowan (vocals), Shanne Bradley (bass), Roger Towndrow (guitar) and Gerry Mcllduff (drums). They were part of the early Uk punk scene. This is one of their singles, the song Gabrielle was a small indie hit, and is pretty catchy. There a many different releases of this single mines from Spain; it has the textured cover.

nips cover

The Nips – Gabrielle
Nipple Erectors – Vengeance

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  1. No comments yet about this post? Maybe because the best thing about the band was their name? I have a double Chiswick Records CD with them on their and a live LP and they are pretty tame on both.

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