Akutt Innleggelse

Front cover of Akutt Innleggelse 7\\\"

Akutt Innleggelse – Echos from the asylum (Straitjacket Records) ’83

Akutt Innleggelse from Norway were in their early teens when they recorded these three punk songs. Released on guitarist Thomas’ own Straitjacket Records in 1983. In 1984 they recorded a more hardcore sounding demo cassette with nine great songs. Their songs we’re featured on compilations such as the classic NĂ¥ eller aldri 7″ and Cleanse the Bacteria LP among others. Disbanded in ’85. Two of these guys went on to play in Turbonegro.

Back cover of Akutt Innleggelse 7\"


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  1. wedge Says:

    thank you so much,good sir!!! i had the original demo CS for AGES(had to eeBay it for financial necessity a couple years ago), but i never ever heard this particular ep. GREAT RAW HC PUNK. THANKS!!!!!

    also, i wouldnt say the demo was more “HARD CORE” sounding, it was just that they were playing a bit faster, but still in the same style & sound…if only that had ever been released on vinyl…

  2. surlyoldpunk Says:

    Good stuff, I would’ve never guessed this to be the same band from the cleanse the bacteria comp.
    Like Wedge sez great raw hc punk !!!

  3. NiteOwl Says:

    Betong rules!!!

  4. Pogel Says:

    Super sounding 7 inch. Norway is sometimes overshadowed by Finnish and Swedish punk, but they had and still do have some excellent bands. Kafka Prosess, Siste Dagers Helvete, Barn Av Regnbuen, Kort Prosess to name a few.

  5. TheCorpseGlide Says:

    This was one of my more favorite bands on the “Cleanse the Bacteria” comp. Nice to hear more!

  6. john y? Says:

    Another record goes on the wants!cheers

  7. lm862003 Says:

    the ‘thomas’ in guestion is none other than happy-tom of Norway’s TURBONEGRO.

  8. Doctor Says:

    Great band! I have this guys on v/a Na eller adri 7″, and i like so much that two songs from compilation. So, this 7″ goes on my wants,too. heheheh….

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