State Children

State Children – Bomb Shelter For Money Making! 7″ Flexi (More) ’84

As promised here is the infamous State Children flexi, for japanese punk addicts’ pleasure, and others too i hope. It’s a one-sided flexi, all songs in one part. It was recorded in ’84 but released only in ’85, at this time the band had splited up.
State Children came from Shimonoseki, in the east part of Japan and existed from Sept 83 till Dec 84, apart from this flexi they released one or two demo tapes, which i never had the chance to ear.
More Records was a Kyushu based label that released other great 7inches, such as Headless, Aggressive Dogs (1st) and AT-Det… as usual i’ll try to put them online one time. Hooo and for the “music” well just guess….
Noise chaos distortion !!

Starve To Death
Thirteen Step
Control Mama

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Helen Keller

cover scan by 7inchpunk

Helen Keller – 7inch (Blitz Records) ’78

I traded 3 Shriekback records for a copy of this one. From tha Pacific Northwest, visit BMF for a complete writeup on this one (and Jackie Shark & The Opus – to the extent they can be written up at all). These songs bugged me at first but they will stick in your head if you don’t watch out. Not much to say – if you like the KBD stuff this is one of the big ones. Anyone got the Stoned 45? Please post it if you do!

Surfin’ With Steve And E.D. Amin
Dump On The Chumps

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The Mad

The Mad

Here’a a “The Mad” special. Both their killer 7″s from the late ’70s. The band were known for their shock performance art type shows. Special effects featured a lot on stage and frontman Screaming Mad George went on to make a career out of it. Working on Hollywood movies and videos for bands that really have no place being mentioned here. Other band members unfortunatley didn’t fare so well and are no longer with us.

So aside from all the artsy aspect this is essential ‘nasal’ punk with a level of complexity that few managed to equal. “I Hate Music” is one of the most vicious riffing punk cuts of the ’70s and has been comped and bootlegged more times than I can count. Included here is their equally great if not greater 2nd 7″ EP.


The Mad – Eyeball 7″ (Disgusting Records, NY, USA) ’79

I hate Music

The Hell

The Mad – The Hell 7″ EP (Disgusting Records, NY, USA) ’79

The Hell
Fried Egg


The Swankys

The Swankys

The Swankys – Lifestyle EP 7″ (KPP Records Japan)’85

Also known as the “This is my Lifestyle EP”. So you know who The Swankys are now I guess unless you haven’t visited the Gai flexi posting. Both the Gai EP and this EP were bootleged in the early ’90s by unscrupulous UK bootleg label Revoltation Records as a double pack ep.
This record leads on nicely from Gai but is nowhere near as clean and professional sounding as the later Swanky’s releases – which are also great rocking and catchy punk. The second track, “Knife will not open…” as an example, appears on the “Never Can Eat Swank Dinner” LP and is much improved after being ‘cleaned up’. Still, the sloppyness of this EP has loads of charm and the track “Lifestyle” almost obtains anthem status. Despite not undertanding 95% of the words I can sing along quite happily. Fuck it… let’s all sing along!
I’m pretty sure that most of the Swankys LP material is still in print with Japan’s Kings World Records on CD. Although these might be tough to obtain outside Japan.

Knife will Not Open Because Of The Rust
Total Control

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Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers

Jackie Shark pic
The pic is from

Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers – 7″ (Little Bitches Inc.) ’78

Maybe not the best record ever made but definitely one of the rarest. Only because I’ve got a 3 boxes unplayed in my basement. This one has got some cool effects on it and was recently confirmed to be from California. It’s always bagged on for being something that no one would like if it weren’t so rare. I’d say the truth lies somewhere in between decent and very good. Comment away.

Second Generation Rising
Mary Lou

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B.G.K.-White Male Dumbinance


B.G.K.-White Male Dumbinance (Vogelspin) ’84

BALTHASAR GERARDS KOMMANDO (B.G.K.) set the standards pretty HIGH for other Europeon hardcore bands to follow. From Amsterdam, they formed from the ashes of the NITWITZ and played ultra tight and fast politically charged hardcore. They were a big part of the “network of friends” movement that included bands from all over the world. The premise of “NOF” was for bands to be the “welcoming commitee” in their respective areas, booking shows, providing a place to stay and generally taking care of foreign touring bands.

Even though eveything they put out was KILLER, this has always been my favorite release from them. I was lucky enough to see them when they toured in the US in ’84 & ’86. They were nothing short of amazing live, being faster but just as tight as the records. ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES recently released a complete discography and is worthy of owning if your not familiar with this band. For a great history/discography and several interviews, check here

Gone mad
Action man
Kids for cash
Crime pays
White male dumbinance
Bite the hand that feeds (shit)
Follow the trend

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Seizure (CT)

Seizure ps

Seizure – All Hail The Fucking System 7″ EP (Incas Records, Bridgeport CT, USA) ’86

All hail the fucking vocals! Karl’s amazing vocal style is what gives this record punch. Really loud and gruff without descending into the throat gargling noises of the grindcore bands. Take ‘Nobody’s child’ the 3rd track as an example – this song would be fairly tedious if it wasn’t for the way that Karl’s vocals pull it all together.

Seizure had a couple of LPs in the late ’80s and many compilation tracks. Not sure if this stuff is available on CD yet.

Song Of The Empire
Pain is Pain is Pain
Nobody’s Child