The Spores

Spores Meat Biproduct

The Spores – Meat Biproduct 7″ EP (Criminal Records, Canada) ’84

The Spores, hailing from Vancouver existed from 1983 to 1988. Notorious for their crazy ‘over the top’ live shows e.g. Throwing animal entrails at the audience (that old favourite) and getting themselves banned from clubs. Somehow they never seem to have received much exposure outside the local scene.

Here are their two EPs. They also had an a great LP “Schizofungi” which is well worth picking up. Even if you don’t enjoy the music you gotta appreciate the amazing picture sleeve artwork!

Meat Biproduct
The Nasty Song
Five Fingers

Spores Narcs In My Pants

The Spores – Narcs In My Pants 7″ EP (Criminal Records, Canada) ’86

Narcs In My Pants
P.M. / Conspiracy In The Sky

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  1. Narc in my pants is an incredible song……..the rest are so so. I think it would be one of those records I would have bought, enjoyed it for awhile, then given away like I always did. Oh well. Thanks again for the wonderful site.

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