MG15-Derecho a la vida (Attack Punk) ’84

Released on Italys “ATTACK PUNK” label (known for UNDERAGE and some great comps) in 1984, this was MG15 first apperance on vinyl. Citing discharge and crass as influences, MG15 are considered the godfathers of crust in Spain. They went on to have many releases, including an apperance on roir records “world class punk” comp and later, a split with discharge themselves. An interview in the early days of maximum rock and roll zine coupled with the world classs punk comp apperance spread their music to others outside of Spain.

for more info, check out their site here.

caos final
derecho a la vida
campos de exterminio

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  1. and it was that interview in MRR that caused me to put $5 in an envelope & ask about their demo tape. they were kind enough to send it.WOW!!!!! then i tracked down this ep a couple years later when some indie distributor went out of buisness…God, i love this band…

  2. Doesn`t get much better than this-Thanks for the post and thanks and congrats also to 7inchpunk for the success of this site-Keep up the good work! CHEERS!!!

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