First vinyl by these Spanish legends!! absolutely Rabid HC PUNK from Barcelona. i dont know much about this band, but their vocalist SILVIA had a bit of a reputation as a complete bad-ass in the Spain PUNK scene and,according to legend, once beat the living bejabbers out of Sid Vicious’ mother!!! I’m not an advocate of violence towards the elderly in ANY manner whatsoever, but there’s something to be said if this rumour is true!!!

after this ep, theres a 12″ called “Una Causa Sin Fondo”(whose sleeve graphics were TOTALLY stolen on the Pist/Brutally Familiar split ep). its OK. mostly,its typical early-80’s wavy/postpunk; but it does have a couple HC Thrashers similar to this 1st ep.in the late-1990’s, there is a GREAT LP issued on a Spanish label of early recordings that pre-date this 7″. more of a “traditional” Punk vein, but way RAW & totally GREAT!!! it also has a very large booklet that is full of pics, info, history, press-clippings,etc…but if you cant read Spanish (like me…), it may be lost on you.

also, check out the “Spanish HC” BCT tape from 1984. theres about 12 Ultimo Resorte live tracks on this that totally DESTROY!!!

Cementerio caliente / Peligro social
Johny Mofeta
Barcelona es diferente
Basta ya de radioactividad!

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4 thoughts on “ULTIMO RESORTE

  1. Heres a letter sent into us from a member of ULTIMO RESORTE
    bill chamberlain wrote:
    I wanted to let you know, the ULTIMO RESORTE cover you said was “totally stolen”
    for the pist/brutally familiar split, is a famous photgraph and i have seen it
    used many times, for many things, including records that came out after the
    pist/bf split.
    I helped make that cover, and we didn’t get it from another record, we got it
    from a book.
    I wouldn’t care if you said it was the same artwork, but you said it was
    stolen from another band, which is 100% not true.

  2. ok, you got me on that one. i know that was a pretty famous photo, but i figured they just lifted it from the Ultimo Resorte 12″ sleeve.

    my sincerest apologies on this matter.

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