B.G.K.-White Male Dumbinance


B.G.K.-White Male Dumbinance (Vogelspin) ’84

BALTHASAR GERARDS KOMMANDO (B.G.K.) set the standards pretty HIGH for other Europeon hardcore bands to follow. From Amsterdam, they formed from the ashes of the NITWITZ and played ultra tight and fast politically charged hardcore. They were a big part of the “network of friends” movement that included bands from all over the world. The premise of “NOF” was for bands to be the “welcoming commitee” in their respective areas, booking shows, providing a place to stay and generally taking care of foreign touring bands.

Even though eveything they put out was KILLER, this has always been my favorite release from them. I was lucky enough to see them when they toured in the US in ’84 & ’86. They were nothing short of amazing live, being faster but just as tight as the records. ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES recently released a complete discography and is worthy of owning if your not familiar with this band. For a great history/discography and several interviews, check here

Gone mad
Action man
Kids for cash
Crime pays
White male dumbinance
Bite the hand that feeds (shit)
Follow the trend

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  1. Thanx to god for creating SurlyOldPunk, he knows how to take care about us :-). Well, B.G.K. was the best, though underrated a bit, band from Holland. Listen this record, bitting nails into head in fast and very brutal way…aarrgghhh. To compare with LARM which of only good record is last EP and they achieved a lot in HC scene, B.G.K. didnĀ“t have their succes.
    When I was in Amsterdam in summer 2004, NITWITZ played a reunion show together with SUBHUMANS, pretty cool…

  2. Hey SurlyOldPunk, I was at that show too when BGK played at the Olympic in ’84 with DK’s. It was an international gig, right? I remember Reagan Youth opened the gig and the punks were booing and flipping them off cuz they played War Pigs. I don’t remember all the bands that played but I remember BGK cuz they tore it up that night, I mean that was the most ferocious hardcore I heard and I bought their LP the next day. BGK even outdid the DK’s. Maybe I was just tired of seeing them but the DK’s didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t the same when I saw them the previous times such as the riot at Longshoreman’s or when they played the New Year’s gig in North Hollywood, those were some crazy fucking shows.

  3. “NOTHING CAN GO WRONG” with this 7’!
    In my opinion their best release, even considering that all their other releases were great too.
    Thought “Computer control” is better on “Welcome to 1984″ version, but the lower version on “Nothing can go wrong” didn’t desapoint me anyway.
    Maybe the most important dutch band from that age.
    Congratulations to SurlyOldPunk for this great post!!!
    Keep it angry!

  4. I didn’t like Nothing Can Go Wrong LP, it was nowhere as good as their Jonestown Aloha LP. 1986 was the year when the second wave scene was winding down, actually the second wave ended at the end of ’84 and was crossing over to the third wave in ’85. I knew the gig was up when I started seeing speed metal freaks, gang members, and nazi skinheads showing up at the shows. Also, most of the “known” bands were crossing over to speed metal and the one’s still playing hc didn’t sound the same and the underground hc bands broke up cuz the clubs wouldn’t book punk bands anymore but if you sounded like Exodus or Slayer then you would get booked!

  5. This 7″ is some serious killer thrash with some of the best bass playing on any punk/HC record ever. Apparently, the bass player did it all with his fingers and on a fretless bass! Holy shit!

  6. I remember BGK having some backlash for sounding too American back then.

    They did play an amazing set when they played the International show at the Olympic. My mom threw away the poster for that show from my old bedroom when she moved recently. My brother couldn’t catch her in time.

  7. A band I remember reading about back in the 80’s. I never really listened to much of the European bands. Great, aggressive thrash…….didn’t know what I was missing.

  8. Surly Old Punk-you are a beautiful human being-fuck you must have sent off for a lot of stuff from M.Rn’R back in the day-always seemed too big a leap of faith to me.Still, being from Melburn,Oztralia I was at Death Sentence’s first gig,had their “Ryan”ep and “Waldo” demo-we had quite a few outta control bands back in the day-wish I knew what happened to my vinyl(sobs)

  9. This along side of Poison Idea Kings Of Punk defines HC to its pure form. Fast tight ass fuck no metal and blistering. I will be buried with this E.P., Jonestown Aloha is awesome too, Nothing Can Go Wrong was good but overproduced and not as fast but still better than half the shit that comes out today.

    Thanks for this site!!!.

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