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Seizure – All Hail The Fucking System 7″ EP (Incas Records, Bridgeport CT, USA) ’86

All hail the fucking vocals! Karl’s amazing vocal style is what gives this record punch. Really loud and gruff without descending into the throat gargling noises of the grindcore bands. Take ‘Nobody’s child’ the 3rd track as an example – this song would be fairly tedious if it wasn’t for the way that Karl’s vocals pull it all together.

Seizure had a couple of LPs in the late ’80s and many compilation tracks. Not sure if this stuff is available on CD yet.

Song Of The Empire
Pain is Pain is Pain
Nobody’s Child




6 thoughts on “Seizure (CT)

  1. This is a ripper. I’d seen one of the LPs recently and passed on it. What a great mid eighties cover, nice cut and paste Reagan/Nazis, just what you’d expect from this kind of 7″.

  2. Great underated record form CT. Nice guys too. Karl went on to “School of Violence” then to COC. Dunn from Yuma, AZ took over the mic for the later LPs.
    Some of the INCAs stuff is making its way to CD. The CT Fun LP comming out soon, if it’s not out yet.. Another good and little known record from the same Stamford Anthrax scene, is the NMOT ep. “No Milk on Tuesday”

  3. always read about this band in EARWAX (NJ) & GUILLOTINE (NY) fanzines but never heard ‘em. seems they played on a lot of shows back in those days. thanx for the post. anybody have the MENTAL DECAY 7″ on Buy Our Records?

  4. The Almighty Seizure!! Fun guys. Opening up for N.O.T.A. they stopped in the middle of their set and did a take off skit of The Phil Donahue talk show, a hilarious panel disscussion on the hardcore scene, then tore right back into their set.

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