Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers

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Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers – 7″ (Little Bitches Inc.) ’78

Maybe not the best record ever made but definitely one of the rarest. Only because I’ve got a 3 boxes unplayed in my basement. This one has got some cool effects on it and was recently confirmed to be from California. It’s always bagged on for being something that no one would like if it weren’t so rare. I’d say the truth lies somewhere in between decent and very good. Comment away.

Second Generation Rising
Mary Lou

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24 thoughts on “Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers

  1. Alternative rock? Hawkwind vs. The NY Dolls? I see the words Snotty and Bitches on the label which give it some punk credibility. Considering some of the great bands around in California ’78 these guys seem totally devoid of any positive influences from that scene.

    Interesting purely from a historical perspective but certainly ownership is only for obsessives and archivists. Should be filed right next to the Absentees, another below average record.

  2. the riff on “second generation rising” sounds a little like “better off dead” by la peste. but there is a lot of soloing and without the distortion it would be pretty much a rock 45. so i can’t defend it too much. i’m really hoping someone can post the fingers and stoned 45s. anyone? is this thing on?

    1. Baumer, do you have some of these records? I am really not understanding this since Jackie Shark was surprised that there were any records. I see that you posted this three years prior to his posting though. So I am wondering where these boxes of records are and I was hoping you could help me. Thanks

  3. Punk credibility? Maybe they should have dressed like those UK82 fashion boys? Or have big ”punk” hairdos like those japanese ”hardcore” monkey see monkey do bands? Anyone with a bit of honesty will admit that Systematic Death,Kuoro,Zouo…all looked pretty stupid,kinda like motley crue trying to play like Chaos Uk.They looked like heavy meatl/glam boys.Pretty fashionable but i guess that is ”punk” credibility? Maybe Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers should have include a picture sleeve with the 45rpm with picture of them looking like ”real” ”punk” just like Systematic Death with lots of studs and spiked and colored hair? Or have a anti-war theme sleeve and lyrics? Zouo looked like motley crue with Venom lyrics.That was pretty punk,oh wow! As historical perspective go,why don’t you include bullshit like the Z 7” or the SS ”live” records? Now let me go watch my ”selfish videos” and other japanese ”punk” videos and laugh at how ”punk” they look.

  4. George, my freind, slow down! The comment about ‘credibility’ is of course tongue in cheek and my nod at the fact that there are few ‘pointers’ on this record that differentiate it from any garage rock or alternative rock record. But hey, if you want to slate some bands at random go for it!

  5. Many punk bands from the late 70’s to today sounds like garage rock.Is that supposed to be a bad thing? NO! Does punk have to sound a specific way? NO.Punk was first inspired by 60’s garage rock.It is not surprising to find late 70’s and early 80’s punk bands with a sound similar to the 60’s.That doesn’t make them not punk for that.

    Take gism for example,especially on their second lp.There is barely nothing that differentiate them from Iron Maiden,except for the ”gruff’ vocal.Does that make them a power/heavy metal band? And don’t forget about R.U.G.(GISM guitar player hard rock band),or Sabbrabell(or something like that! GISM bass player heavy metal band),they all sound like lame 80’s heavy metal.Just to remind you that GISM is still considered a punk/Hardcore band despite their chessy metal background.No big deal if Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers sound like garage rock,it is still punk rock.

  6. Ummmmmmm. Anyways, as I was saying…um, oh yeah. To me , it reminds me of Vom a little bit. Definitley snotty, definitely not mainstream sellout bullshit. Thanks for this wonderful piece of shit…..oops, I mean record. I love it!


    On the fashion thing though: I believe all bands by law should be required to wear 3 piece suits, this is serious; the half of the audience who would normally make fun of the way they dress would not be able to, the other half who would emulate they way they dress would not be able to make a subculture. Everyone would be forced to sit back and listen to the music.

    ALSO SOMEONE NEEDS TO POST THE EARLY COME ORGANIZATION RECORDS THAT AREN’T GOING TO BE RE-RELEASED. Whitehouse’s “Right to Kill” in particular even though that’s an LP.

  9. It’s always cool when someone un-earths a gem like this. What’s not cool is when record collectors lust after it cuz of it’s rarity and average folks like us don’t get a chance to hear it. Well, now that we have cool blogs like this one, that rarely happens anymore.

    Whether or not this record is good or bad, who cares? And “punk” credibility?? tounge in cheek or not, are words that should be reserved for glossy magazine bands and their fans who seek “it” by the energy drinks, skateboards and music they consume.(and I completely understand what you’re saying zouo, about things that indicate what type of record this is on the surface, w/o the benefit of hearing it or a picture sleeve.)

    The history of punk music is littered with posers and wannabee bands, but when you really look at the earliest stuff, like this record, it’s hard to tell who was in it for the right reasons and who were just bandwagon jumpers. So many of the early bands WERE if fact rock/bar bands that happened to change their style when punk came along. Save for the English dress up punks, there wasn’t really a “punk template” to follow and unless you lived in a LARGE city, it could of meant anything.That’s why it’s always amazing to hear raw, fucked up “punk” stuff from ’76-’78 or any era really, from remote places like IOWA or TENNESEE and from as far away as SOUTH AMERICA or SPAIN.

    I guess what I’m getting at is, why sweat the silly details like “credibility”. Either you like this record or you don’t and if you weren’t in this band, you may never know what their intentions were except making some noise and putting out a record.

    So George, I agree with you that punk doesn’t have to “look or act ” punk to actually be punk.I think you are also right about all the Japanese bands you seem to know ALOT about, but slag anyway. I guess as a good samaritan, I could find a home for those records amongst the followers of this site or maybe even put them in my collecti….I’m mean DESTROY them !!!! ha ha ha ha ha !!

  10. i kinda like this record. i wouldnt pay 500 bucks for it, but i kinda like it. i like this blog, its wonderful, for somebody like me who never would have dropped 500 bucks just to hear it. there are some records that deserve their 500 price tags, but they are few and far between. i will wait for the re-ish on this one…

    and stop arguing about whats punk and whats not. give me a fucking break, is this the blog for vouge magazine??? all these bands are copying the stooges when it comes down to it, and they were probably copying some even more obscure band that im not cool enough to know about, so shut up.

  11. these are the kind of records that make me wanna cry. their definately cool to listen to,& prove that PUNK (or whatever you wanna call it) did, at one time, transcend ALL musical boundaries!! you had neo-hipster urbanites imitating their STOOGES & DAMNED 45s (the entire L.A. & NYC scenes come to mind…),and there were more than a few ‘isolated’ Moustache-rock bands doing their take on the whole thing ( Shitdogs, Kardiac Kids, Crap Detectors, Low Numbers, Luchs Brothers, etc etc etc). this is the kind of stuff i like. its just some dudes who had a band & heard a few PUNK songs, & decided to let it all loose & make a 45 of it. true genuine stuff from some guys who probably looked like they should be servicing the exhaust system on your parents car, but knew how to kick out the jams after work.

    its too bad that collector nerds need to pay an entires month’s wages to feel like they now own a piece of history…long live blog sites & cheap “fanclub” issues!!!

  12. oh, and don’t forget CHRIST CHILD…too bad they never put out a 7″, man i’d kill to have that thing! fukr. oh, FORD, i got the GERMAN SHEPHERDS ep, it’s up there in my life, just don’t know if it’s apropos here. and you can check out the WhiteNoise blogspot cited above for some of the out-of-print WHITEHOUSE stuff.

  13. I am glad to see that at least one of the recordings made it. I recorded about 30 song between 1977 and 1980. I think this recording is all that remains. We played mostly at some clubs in Hollywood. Punk had a hard time in Riverside in the late 70’s. I would say this was the worst of the stuff we did at the time. Jeffery Blast – Drums Jackie Shark – Guitar and Vocals, Ken Morris – Base. If not for a problem with Rodeny from KROQ and getting our good stuff out, we may still be here. Also look for anything from the Rabies or Riverside Rabies for other stuff.
    Thank You
    Jackie Shark

    1. Get my name right Jack. I have the live recordings of our band the Rabies and all the photos when we played at the masque in hollywood with ripper, they sucked. Whats up with tony???? Any word?

      Ken Morse still in riverside.

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