The Swankys

The Swankys

The Swankys – Lifestyle EP 7″ (KPP Records Japan)’85

Also known as the “This is my Lifestyle EP”. So you know who The Swankys are now I guess unless you haven’t visited the Gai flexi posting. Both the Gai EP and this EP were bootleged in the early ’90s by unscrupulous UK bootleg label Revoltation Records as a double pack ep.
This record leads on nicely from Gai but is nowhere near as clean and professional sounding as the later Swanky’s releases – which are also great rocking and catchy punk. The second track, “Knife will not open…” as an example, appears on the “Never Can Eat Swank Dinner” LP and is much improved after being ‘cleaned up’. Still, the sloppyness of this EP has loads of charm and the track “Lifestyle” almost obtains anthem status. Despite not undertanding 95% of the words I can sing along quite happily. Fuck it… let’s all sing along!
I’m pretty sure that most of the Swankys LP material is still in print with Japan’s Kings World Records on CD. Although these might be tough to obtain outside Japan.

Knife will Not Open Because Of The Rust
Total Control

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  1. Oh man!!!! What can I say? Swankys are one of my all time favorite bands! This EP actually wasn’t part of the GAI/Swankys 2X7″ bootleg. The “Best Of Lifestyle” EP was, and despite the similar name, that EP has different tracks/versions than this EP. The 1st Swankys LP “Very Best Of Hero” is a masterpiece to me. For some reason though, it’s never been reissued, not even in Japan! Almost all other Swankys material is available on CD in Japan though, but nothing can touch that LP. Maybe it’s because it was released on Dogma records, and I’ve never seen a reissue of any record on that label. SIC was actually denied permission to include their EP on Dogma in their recent discography CD due to some kind of copyright issues, so maybe that’s it?

    Oh, and if anyone is fluent in Japanese, I need, I mean REALLY NEED you to translate the “History Of Swankys” article written by the drummer of the band in an issue of DOLL I have! PLEASE!

  2. Oh shit! I totally forgot about that one. I used to see it on Yahoo Japan Auctions all the time. I am almost certain it’s a bootleg, and I’m 99% sure it’s of Japanese orgin, which is very strange as the Japanese aren’t known to bootleg their own records (The Stalin – Trash LP being the exception as it was supposedly bootlegged by Tam). It’s on a label called Dig Worker. I’ve never seen a copy listed any in shops or anything, so I don’t think it’s official, but I saw quite a few releases on Dig Worker floating around Yahoo Japan Auctions, stuff like CDs of “Outsider”, “A Farwell To Arms”, GISM “Detestation” and “MAN”, and others. Anyone have anymore info on this?

  3. Oooh! I just remembered some more Dig Worker stuff…Comes “No Side” and, get this, GISM “Human Condition”, yes, a bootleg CD of a bootleg LP!

  4. G.I.S.M.’s Detestation was on Dogma and it was re-released on CD in the early 90’s. If memory serves correctly I believe Detestation was the first release on Dogma. Could it be that Mr. Sakevi has a hand the denial of re-issues of the Dogma catalog?

  5. G.I.S.M.’s Detestation was on Dogma and it was re-released on CD in the early 90’s. If memory serves correctly I believe Detestation was the first release on Dogma. Could it be that Mr. Sakevi has a hand in the denial of re-issues of the Dogma catalog?

  6. there is a 12″ version on Kings World in like 1987~8. this ep & the 2 tracks from the “Pinch & Ouch!!” LP are whats on it & its on nifty clear vinyl. the tracks all sound a little “re-mixed”, but are still complete chaos & actually sound a bit “bigger” without sacrificing the original noisy quality!! without a doubt, one of my favorites!!!

  7. and, i dont know why Dogma continues to NOT re-issue their back catalog. theres obviously a HUGE international market/demand for the stuff as can be proven by the COUNTLESS crap-quality bootlegs that have sold THOUSANDS of copies, so its not like they would go bankrupt if they decided to reissue their back catalog!!

    i dont think anyone from ROSE ROSE ever had anything to do with DOGMA/CITY ROCKER. these labels operated out of the same exact office as DOLL magazine(which STILL has the same address!!) & were pretty much the same entity.i forget the name of the guy who started DOLL, but he was just some university student journalist from Tokyo who was attending some post-graduate shcool in France when Punk exploded in ’77; fell in love with the music/scene, & decided to dedicate a magazine to ROCK & ROLL (not just PUNK) when he returned to Japan a couple years later. the rest is history…

  8. On my computer I have Gai’s Damnation Demo and it has the songs Knife will not open cuz of rust and Control (total control on swankys). Exact same songs except the sound quality is not as good.

  9. I used to know the guys responsible for Revoltation Records and i can say that, at least, they released their bootlegs for no profit, just to get the music heard. I wouldn’t have even heard this stuff without their releases.

  10. Since I’m so damn awesome, and I happen to be in love with this record, I decided to take the time to type out the lyrics for you guys. Under one condition! I’d like to hear any bands try and cover one of these songs, now that you have the lyrics hahaha. These are the exact words taken off of the back of the cover, incorrect spelling and all:

    1. “Fundamental”

    You are be power hungry
    You are seize power
    Exercise wield
    An thority power
    You are get in to slip from power

    Fundamental human light
    Fundamental human light

    2. “The Knife Will Not Open Because Of The Rust”

    What the hell is wrong with me?
    I’m not who I want to be
    I tried spot cream
    An I tried it all
    I’m crawring up the wall! wall! and wall!

    Knife will not open because of the rust

    3. “Total Control”

    Total control total control
    I’m controlled in the body
    I’m controlled in the mind
    Total control total control

    C.O.N.T.R.O.L. AH

    Di Di Di Di Dictators of the world
    All people of the world
    Total control total control

    C.O.N.T.R.O.L. AH

    4. “Life Style….”

    From morning till night
    From morning till night
    Soaking himself in LIQUOR all day

    From morning till night
    From morning till night
    Give on self over to GIRL all day

    From morning till night
    From morning till night
    Give on self over to SEX all day


    I find it interesting that, just as I thought before I bought this record, they have many different influences. On the back of this record they give thanks to: Sex Pistols, UK Subs, Disorder, Damned, Adicts, Toy Dolls, Discharge, Exploited, and… Heavy metal.

    Disorder seemed to be an obvious choice. I also think I’ve heard somewhere that the Swankys have done shows with Toy Dolls since they’re huge in Japan, so that was no surprise. But the others, such as UK Subs and Sex Pistols, shows how they’ve always had that ’77 influence that they started leaning towards more into their later years. Even though I don’t like the later Swanky’s pop-punk stuff, I can’t blame them for doing what they loved!

  11. Actually, they only give “thanks” to Sex Pistols, UK Subs, Disorder, Chaos UK, and Damned. They give “fucks” to Adicts, Toy Dolls, Discharge, Exploited, and Heavy Metal.

  12. No wayyyy… that can’t be what they meant hahaha. What would they have against those bands…? When I saw it said “special fucks” I figured they were using it as an endearing term.

  13. Got that double 7″ from revoltation back in 94 in Madrid when i got my first copy of Wretched’s “la tua morte” sold it long time ago but have on cd with better sound the kings world 90s reissue. Got my Swankys cds from Yumikes/MCR i guess, back in 95…now they are hard to find and expensive.
    I blasted in so many punk-booze parties tracks like lifestyle… ;)great Punk, once Jan from Agathocles told me it was his favorite Punk band!

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