Helen Keller

cover scan by 7inchpunk

Helen Keller – 7inch (Blitz Records) ’78

I traded 3 Shriekback records for a copy of this one. From tha Pacific Northwest, visit BMF for a complete writeup on this one (and Jackie Shark & The Opus – to the extent they can be written up at all). These songs bugged me at first but they will stick in your head if you don’t watch out. Not much to say – if you like the KBD stuff this is one of the big ones. Anyone got the Stoned 45? Please post it if you do!

Surfin’ With Steve And E.D. Amin
Dump On The Chumps

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13 thoughts on “Helen Keller

  1. I like the way they do reissues in like batches of 300. If you don’t get it in the first few months you’re already out of luck. The reissue does have 2 more new (old) songs though and a reworking of Dump on the Chumps. So what’s the deal with that Bonus was a Killer thing???

  2. as far as i can piece the information together, this 45 got used in a Mazda commercial or something a couple years ago. seems the commercials producer used to be into the late 70’s scene & decided to use the most obscure record he had,or something…i dunno…its all over at BreakMyFace…you read it…

    ok, am i the only person to ever hear/see the MTV “save the earth”-type public service commercial circa-1992/3 that had the intro of “Explode” from VOID as the backing music??!!??. it woke me out of a deep sleep one late night & the other person in the room at the time had no idea what i was waking up & yelling in disbelief about…

  3. thanks Surly for the link to the extra tracks, and yeah as per-the-BreakMyFace-article, i can vouch for the BEEFHEART likeness…that would be his lower register however, he claims to have an 8-octave range (!) or sumphin’, yknow

  4. I have about 10 copies of this single if anyone wants to dish out the cash for one. Im asking $500.00 each. They are origianl, they are NEW and the HAVE NEVER BEEN PLAYED. Email me above.

  5. I found recently the real one… I knew the 1st side, perfect, the 2nd is also great… I paid 100$, and it’s the original one, from the same “warehouse find”… I like the comment of the guy asking 500$. It’s so funny.

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