Roach Motel

Roach Motel – Roach and Roll EP (Destroy Records) ’82

Snotty garage-core from the Sunshine State (Florida). Timeless hardcore that has held up over 20 years. I believe these guys are still scaring the shit outta blue hairs in the land of retirement.

I Hate The Sunshine State
Shut Up
Now Youre Gonna Die
More Beer

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13 thoughts on “Roach Motel

  1. Cool, i totally forgot about that one, i had never heard it except on the reissue cd, but i think it doesn’t include all the songs. Maybe generic but still a cool record, mostly for Florida ‘
    82. Roach Motel still had fucking hits just listen to “Nothing To Lose” or “I Wanna Keep My Gun”… great stuff !

  2. “Shut Up” and “Wetback” were on the mixtape that got me into punk way back when. At the time, I thought “Wetback” was hilarious (I had never heard that word before, and it’s a funny word. Besides, I was, like, 15 at the time), now it’s embarassing at best. But most hardcore was made by people who were barely 18, so you have to expect a lot of stupid shit to be in there.

    I will at least say that “Shut Up” is a great song, and that guitar solo in “Now You’re Gonna Die” is amazing!

  3. good music but man i hate those fucking lyrics..but i guess thats what makes them a punk band.i mean really,where else can you sing those kind of lyrics except in this style.

  4. There was so much going on in hardcore/punk back then. I remember bands not being “PC” at all, some definately more than others. I like the energy and feel of Roach Motel, can do without a couple of the songs but take it in context. Like Chris Oliver says, most this hardcore was done by angry teens, mad at a lot of things. Punk was always an outlet, not reserved just for the best of lyricists.

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