State Children

State Children – Bomb Shelter For Money Making! 7″ Flexi (More) ’84

As promised here is the infamous State Children flexi, for japanese punk addicts’ pleasure, and others too i hope. It’s a one-sided flexi, all songs in one part. It was recorded in ’84 but released only in ’85, at this time the band had splited up.
State Children came from Shimonoseki, in the east part of Japan and existed from Sept 83 till Dec 84, apart from this flexi they released one or two demo tapes, which i never had the chance to ear.
More Records was a Kyushu based label that released other great 7inches, such as Headless, Aggressive Dogs (1st) and AT-Det… as usual i’ll try to put them online one time. Hooo and for the “music” well just guess….
Noise chaos distortion !!

Starve To Death
Thirteen Step
Control Mama

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  1. reminds me of the raw recordings of gai..great post!keep the japan music coming!
    maybe we can see some finland/sweden music?
    certainly some classics from those areas

  2. I have a copy of the State Children demo tape. It has 28 (!) songs. It is probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard. It sounds nothing like the flexi and the sound quality is so poor that it truly is unlistenable. I have tapes from Brazilian noisecore bands with better sound quality.

  3. the tape you mention may be the “Do You Support US The Invation Of Gurenada?” Demo from 84. I’m disappointed that you say it’s not as good as this flexi, but i’m sure it’s true, is it the sound quality or the music that is unlistenable ?
    But anyway there is still many old JPN punk-hc tapes to dig out. Anyone with the Deef “Real Control” tape, i have something by them, but never could idendify it, any help welcome.

  4. simple and effective(for those hard to remove stains) although I think a few earlier Japanese bands pioneered the “a.m. radio static-insted of guitar” method a year or two prior. OUCH!!!!!!

  5. Seek & Destroy 78, yes, that is the tape I’m talking about. I have the cover for it as well. The sound quality is really really bad, and the songs sounds nothing like the style of the songs on the flexi. I know a few fanatics of this band (well, besides myself!) and they all agree that the demo is a huge dissapointment. Maybe I can rip a few tracks later today and post them just so everyone can get an idea.

  6. Hmm, I really would like to listen STATE CHILDREN tape and all that 80´s japan chaos noise punx, I love it. Japanese punx´ve known how to annoy everybody around. This flexi is good, but I am convinced that CONFUSE´s “contempt for the authority” EP ´85 will never be overhelmed.

  7. Seek & Destroy 78,
    just read your remark about DEEF ” real control tape”. I happen to have this tape (including the demo cover jacket ) + want to get in touch to discuss this (and other) tapes,
    dust noise

  8. i must disagree on the Confuse “contempt..” 7″ as “not to be overwhekled”. thats their WEAKEST release!! if there is a starting point to what was to become the “trademark” sound of Japanese NOISE CORE, it would have to be the CONFUSE “Indignation” cassette. whats even better, when they placed 4 tracks from this tape on vinyl in 1987 & titled it “Spending Loud Night”, they MADE IT EVEN MORE ABRASIVE!!! proof that this band was no hoax.

    ive been trying to track down this State Children flexi forever (at least since the MRR review of it claimed it sounded like a musically incompetent DISORDER channeled thru a broken transistor radio; or something like that). very obscure indeed!! was only ever able to get a tape in the mid-1990’s with no titles. it really sickens me that people have paid upwards of $600 for this record.for how much of a “classic” it has become, its obviously shrouded in mystery & therefore will never ever be affordable to the reasonable collector. the fact is, its a great slab of noisecore, but in reality its not all that great of a record. i like it, but ill be the first to admit its legend far outshines its merit.

    thanks for saving me the headache of trying to continue to track down an original. you truly have done a service to the HC public!!!

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