Fallout – Rock Hard / Batteries Not Included (Silver Records) ’81

Peter Ratajczyk (Peter Steele) – Bass, Lead Vocals
Josh Silver – Keyboards
Lou Beato (Beateaux)- Drums, Vocals
John Campos – Guitar, Vocals

Intresting 7incher here..after the demise of Fallout one half of the band became Carnivore and the other half Original Sin. Also you get a hint of Agnostic Front thrown in for good measure Lou did the beats on the ‘Cause for Alarm’ Lp. Then all in the end you get Steele and Silver reunited to form Type O Negative. Not that I cared much for any of these bands, but the Fallout single is a very intresting listen. Call it what you want, I think ‘Rock Hard’ does what it says….Turn It Up!

Rock Hard
Batteries Not Included


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  1. Oh, I’m so glad this is out. I remember trying to find it years ago, stopped caring about Type O and related bands for a few years, recently regained interest, did some wikipedia-ing to see what Petey-boy’s been up to, and came across a link to this. It’s so hilariously bad. I love it.

  2. I thought this was very interesting all the years of listening to carnivore and Type O who would have guessed almost 20 years later i could find more music from the infamous Peter Steele my first show i ever went to was in 1990 at the channel in Boston to see the singer for carnivore in a new band called Type O Negative this is great

  3. Those who cannot appreciate any of the tracks of this amazing 7″ dont know sh*t about real Rock! I became a fan of carnivore still in the 80’s with the controversial Retaliation an album i still love to this day save the patriotic-hysteria lyrics. R.I.P. Peter!

  4. Is it just me, or is this really advanced for 1981? Side A sounds like commercial hard rock turned robotic and evil, and the other sounds like Sabbath playing Sgt.Pepper but with a much harsher vocalist. I think if Pete never recorded again he’d still have been an innovator, if a footnote.

  5. Thank you very much for this. This completes my TYPE O NEGATIVE/CARNIVORE/FALLOUT collection. I read what the above comments are saying about FALLOUT being used many times over, but this was 1981 and no one had used that name before them (that I know of). To hear the early musical roots of Peter and Josh is awesome.

    To everyone out there-


    Rest in peace, Peter.

    SainT MarkuS

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