Big Youth

Big Youth – Notty No Jester (ACT 101) ’75

The voice of downtown Kingston in the 70s, in his home country only Bob Marley rivalled him in popularity. He took deejay lyricism to a higher and more conscious level and remains one of the most respected artists of his generation. ~BBC

This is one of my favorite raggae artists right up there next to Bob…and this happens to be Big Youths single that I cherish the most, this is the roots…light one up!

Notty No Jester
Notty No Jester (Instrumental)


7 thoughts on “Big Youth

  1. once i get about 10 different Japanese punk ep’s out of my system, im gonna put up some choice slabs out of my reggae/rock steady/roots collection…i dont have more than about 50 45’s total, but theyre all some GREAT chill-out stuff & some of the most heaviest NASTIEST stuff your system will try to pump…

  2. I know fuck all about reggae but this sounds pretty cool. I gotta dig out the 10-15 or so tapes
    I got from a guy I use to work with who was WAAAAYY into this stuff and alway tried to turn me on to it. I’m sure those tapes contain some cool unheard stuff as this guy spent loads of time in Jamaica in the 80’s vacationing and collecting records.

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