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G.R.B.- Estoy Tan Contento (Self released) ’86

GRB were another GREAT band from the late 2nd. wave/mid 80’s Barcelona hardcore scene. Comprised of veteran musician from ULTIMO RESORTE and FRENOPATICSS and DRAMA DEL HORROR, they began playing together in 1984.

Taking their name from the Barcelona restauranteurs association ( Gremio de Restauraci√≥n de Barcelona) whose notices were often seen hanging on the walls of Barcelona’s restaurants and bars: “G.R.B.” sounded good to them. Releasing a demo in 1985 and the “ESTOY TAN CONTENTO “( I am so happy) 7″, their first vinyl output, GRB were anything but typical thrash. Drawing on their members diverse influences, they sounded like nothing else going on in Spain at the time. Although still playing raw and fast, they incorporated odd time signatures and jazz-like guitar playing to their style. Touring Italy and making fast friends with some of that countries best bands (IMPACT, NEGAZIONE and C.C.M.) also influenced their quirky style of playing.

For a well written history of the band, click HERE

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Estoy tan contento
La fiesta
Locura de juventud
Candena de odio
La historia
Obtencion de informacion

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  1. btw, thats an awesome grb article in kill from the heart site. I like and respect these guys a lot, not just that they were musically unique although still played great hardcore, the stand out for me is their lyrical substance. They really were a cut above when it came to their lyrical expression on politics and philosophy. Well spoken, thoughful, clever and even wise. I have their (heavy duty, hard cover type digipack) cd discog on tralla records i believe, and it comes with a HUGE booklet with all their lyrics, an incredible history and the band’s philosophy behind their lyrics.

  2. this record was lost on me when it came out. now listening to it here, i have a new appreciation for it & im kinda regretting trading away all the copies i used to come across years ago.


  3. Shit, fucked up that last comment…Anyway, I remember sending off for this with my ¬£5 weekly pocket money and being a bit gazzumped when first putting it on the tuntable. What the hell was this?! Can’t say I’ve listened to it that often since then (late ’86 – 20 years. Jesus…), but gave it another go when I seen it posted. I’m still kinda flummoxed, but it is certainly a bit different and fairly intense. Don’t know about the RUTS, but I can definately hear the MINUTEMEN in there, but a fast-as-fuck MINUTEMEN!! Very jazzy guitar. Anyone gonna post the LODI SOCIAL 7″? Used to have that, but flogged it. Arsehole that I am!

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