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HHH-Intelectual Punks (Dissonance) ’86

HHH were one of Spains most beloved bands. Leading the pack of 2nd.wave punk/hardcore bands there, they turned their musical intrests towards the burgeoning worldwide thrash scene. Taking cues from the legendary early Spanish bands and combining that with hyper-speed playing, HHH’s music was raw, honest and definitely FAST.

The “intellectual punks” ep was their first vinyl appearance, and is considered by many as their finest. Releasing a 21 song demo previous to this and an LP and a split w/VITU’S DANCE after, HHH became a precise,well oiled thrash monster and regarded as one of the best worldwide.

For a complete history/discography of the band, check HERE

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Barcelona 92
Victimas del business
Vision condicionada
Momentos de guerra
Mi ciudad
Intelectual punks

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  1. you guys got some killer records. i have to settle for the discography re-issue! (don’t get me wrong, i’m grateful…) I have to agree that these guys were one of the greats. Although this ep rips (and it does!) – if I may say so, one of my all time favorite recordings EVER is the HHH ’85 demo tape. That thing is a rager that barely stays on the rails (reminding me of the chaotic speed of void, eu’s arse split tracks, early wardogs tracks, early wretched, etc) this ep shows a little more refinement, and a cleaner speed attack. awesome. love the # of tracks on this ep too.

  2. HHH are my fauvorite punk band ever! I love the demo, this 7″,… but for me their first lp (“a por ellos…”) is their best. I´m looking for some video stuff…if anyone can help me…I have an unreleased live on a tape with great sound. A friend of mine recorded it in their live with Kreator on 1990 or 1991 I guess.

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