Spanish punk special-numero tres ” The Thrash Years”

Spain has a rich history of punk that seems to go largely unappreciated except by those in the know. While the Spainards got a later start (’79-’80) than most other countries when it came to punk, they more than made up for it in the quality of the bands. ESKORBUTO, (las)VULPES and ESPASMODICOS represent a small portion of the bands (and styles) from Spain that put out great records in the early 80’s. These bands, along with MANY others (Kangrena, MG-15, Toreros after ole, Ultimo resorte, TDK, Anti/Dogmatikks to name a few) were the foundation of Spanish punk and deserve your attention.

From the Spanish special numero uno post, March 15 2006

The second part of this series begins in 1983 and finds the bands of Spain starting to have a more diverse, worldwide hardcore influence. Where as the first wave mentioned above were influenced by the early American and U.K. “1977″ style punk scene, these bands seem to have listened to the more hardcore side of things from the early 80’s. The title of this post, “Spain A.D.” refers to the these featured bands AFTER DISCHARGE and is wholly evident in there sound and politics. Featured bands: KANGRENA, MG15 and TDK.

From the second installment of the Spanish punk series posted April 15th, 2006

The third and final installment of this series.

Spanish punk/hardcore goes from a wobbly legged toddler to a agile teenager. From 1985- 1988 many of Spains up an coming bands turned to a faster, politically charged attack. Influenced by the likes of M.D.C and B.G.K. amongst others , Spain had now been on the punk radar for 7-8 years and the international touring bands such as these made tour stops there. Bands like ANTI/DOGMATIKSS, L’ODI SOCIAL, SHIT S.A. and MONSTRUACION as well the bands featured in this post, not only drew influence from the worldwide thrash community, but also their Spanish punk roots. There was also a kinship/influence that these new spanish band shared with Italian bands and their brand of chaotic thrash. IMPACT, NEGAZIONE and C.C.M. shared tours, floors and food with the visiting Spanish bands (Impact even shared their drummer on one of ANTI/DOGMATIKSS tour there). Many of the newer bands also learned a lesson from the geographic isolation and distribution roadblocks the first wave bands encountered. In true D.I.Y. spirit, the 2nd. wave bands enthusiastically carved out a network of worldwide distribution of their material by writing , trading tapes and booking tours for visiting foreign bands. Spain became a hotbed of activity and bands from this era are a bit more well known than the bands from previous years. Because of this trading network they absorbed themselves in and reviews and write ups in fanzines like MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL ,their records and tapes got into the hands of many more punks worldwide.

This series was not meant to be a complete overview of the bands from Spain, but merely a primer for anyone interested in great foreign punk. Many bands from the 1979-1988 era weren’t mentioned due to space limitations or my own unknowning. Many other bands also came and went after this era, but the series was developed to focus more on the beginings of punk and hardcore in Spain. For more info about Spains rich punk history, Go HERE, HERE , HERE , HERE or HERE

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