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METAL URBAIN-Panik/Lady Coca-Cola ep (Cobra cob47004) 1977

Started in 1975 as the electronic instrumental group De Sade, they were heavily influenced by Robert Fripp, Hawkwind and Lou Reeds Metal Machine Music. They soon changed their name to Metal Urbain as a nod to Reed and the Velvet Underground.

“Metal Urbain was a concept, not just a rock band. We wanted to be different, we wanted to be innovators. An influence on our thinking that might sound weird to you is Oscar Wilde who belonged to the anti-naturalists movement. We tried to aply his ideas to our music. That meant a music of reprocessed sounds, nothing natural. Like Eno did in Roxy Music, voices went through synthesizers, guitars through filters etc. We had a complete aesthetic approach. We wanted to be creators, to be different. We were dandies. We wanted a new world because we didn’t like the world (especially the music) we were living in.”
Eric Debris, Synth/drum machine/vocalist and founding member of Metal Urbain.

On one of his many trips to London in ’76, Eric Debris discovered that a new strain of agressive “rock-n-roll” (similar to that of metal urbain) began to flourish and was being tagged “punk” by the English music press. Singer Clode Panik joined the band soon after and with newly found inspiration from their “punk” brethren in London, began to hone their attack. Playing the Golf Drouot battle of the bands (with a bunch of soft rock bands, no less) they managed to incite a riot after just 3 songs. Although the performance got them banned from future battles, it also got them noticed by Alain Pons, a music journalist and PR man who introduced them to a newly formed COBRA records. Original guitar player Rikki Darling quit and was replaced by the twin attack of Hermann Schwartz and Pat Luger. This gave their already aggresive sound another level of fuzzed up mayhem. With some borrowed equipment and 1 week in the studio, they produced what is arguably one of the best punk records to ever come out of France.

“Panik”, the a-side, features the twin terrors on guitar and offer up brutal and monumental James Williamson- style riffage while Clode Paniks shouted French vocals easily match their ferocity. The b-side “lady Coca Cola” is the groups homage to Reed and V.U. at their reverb and feedback-soaked best.

The band went through many line-up changes and releases after this (and remain active in some form today), but this 7″ remains a testament to the ground breaking vision of “punk” they held. For more history and info check here and here
Ps: I swiped and manipulated most of the above text from the liner notes in “Anarchy in Paris” Metal Urbain discography, thanks to my fave Frenchie Jaques Amsellem

Lady coca-cola

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BABEEZ – Single (self-released, Australia) ’77

What kinda assholes would put an abortion on the front of their record, including a ballad called “Nobody Wants Me”, then register their band name as a business?! Melbourne’s BABEEZ, that’s who. Here’s the scoop on this classic right from the horse’s maw:
“The three songs for the E.P. were cut one afternoon in August (1977) in the lounge room at Faraday St. A great record (and history) were in the making. Technology was at a bare minimum, everything was down in one take, no over-dubs, through some borrowed microphones of dubious quality. Juke writer Stephen Charlesworth manned the borrowed 4-track… The tapes were duly despatched to the Astor Record plant with an order for 500 disks. Gavin (the singer) set about getting a cover together. Obviously, saving money was important – the labels would be blank and Gavin had the cover printed on brown paper bags! The front cover would feature the bands’ name across a picture of an aborted foetus in a bin, souvenired by Gavin from a ‘Right to life’ publication. It all worked in theory; but it was a long haul to find a printer that would work with lunch bags!”
Henry Weld at calls “Nobody Loves Me” a suicide ballad; I call it a beautifully plodding, insanely repetitious anthem, the only one worthy of your fucking iPod’s “repeat” function. The other 2 cuts are roaring Aussie punk.
To avoid confusion with the fey limey pop band THE BABYS, these BABEEZ eventually changed their name to NEWS, but that’s another story, all of which can be found further, as well as these images and photos galore, at

Dowanna Love
Nobody Wants Me

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GEPOPEL – Paracide 7″ (1985)

Can´t tell much about this record, but for alot of people the GEPOPEL 7″ is one of the best early dutch HC/Punk record. It was recorded in March 16, and mixed in May 14, 1985 and it was released on Die Hard Records (#01). It comes with a little lyrics booklet and a Die Hard Records flyer announching the FUNERAL ORATION – “Communion” LP.
There should be 3 more songs from GEPOPEL on the dutch “Beware of the wolf in Sheep´s clothing” compilation LP (that is noted in the lyrics booklet)
I bought this 7″ on a big second hand record market in Dortmund, Germany in the Mid 90s for 15DM (about 7/8 Euros/US $)

In Our Hands
Tied To Time
Blind Faith
Just Because

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ANTI/DOGMATIKSS-Una cruda confession (Tralla trep085) 2000

Another important but totally overlooked band from Barcelona, Spain.

Anti/Dogmatikss were from the politically charged , second wave of Spanish bands. Influenced by the radical politics of CRASS, and to lesser extent DISCHARGE, they mixed those ideas with their own brand of blazing thrash. As the international hardcore scene grew larger and better organized, these guys became the embassadors for Spain. They created a network of support, for not only local bands but the larger foreign touring bands (MDC, BGK, NEGAZIONE etc.), that had only been in it’s infancy in prior years. They broke out of Spains musical anonymity of the past, by aggressively persuing worldwide contacts (bands, fanzines, radio shows etc.), trading tapes and sending out their music to anyone interested.

“They started in1983 when their previous band EPIDEMIA broke up. After a few line up changes (always changing the vocalist and drummer) former members Ferran (guitar) and Sisa(bass) with Poly (vocals, also played bass in L’odi scoial) and Manel (drums, also in Shit S.A.) recorded their first demo. They mostly played local shows, but also made a Spanish mini-tour of four dates with B.G.K. People in Anti/Dogmatikss were also involved in other activities such as zines, radio, labels, booking shows and spreading their political ideas. Poly and Manel left the band in 1986 and Ripoli (vocals) and Legal (drums) joined. in 1987 the played and recorded their second demo in Toulouse, France with the help of Pascal (Panx records). They continued playing shows in different places around Spain. Later, Ricard (Sisas brother) was the last vocalist until the bands end in 1991.” Victor, MRR #211 Decenber 2000

Sadly, Anti/Dogmatikss never released any vinyl while being an active band. They did, however release 2 demos/cassettes in their exsistence. the first was the “Rompan Filas” tape in 1984 and the “Nooooo” tape of 1987 as mentioned above. In 1998-99, Martin from Lengua Armada records and the folks at Tralla records decided that Anti/Dogmatikss were far too important a band to be overlooked and re-released all their material. Lengua Armada released a 7″ with tracks from both demos and Tralla released an LP with a bonus 7″ (posted here) and later a CD combining both.

anti dog demo
Cassette cover from “Rompas filas” demo 1984

Fuego en la moncloa
Campos de cruces
El dogma de la vida
Ellos o tu

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Valtiokolhoosi-Olof Palme 7″ (Ann & Archie,ANN 002) Finland ’86

Here’s another one of the lesser known Finnish hardcore punk bands. VALTIOKOLHOOSI were from Tammela and didn’t exist very long.This 7″ was their only release, together with 1 track on the ’10 Vuotta Myöhemmin’ comp.7″ from ’87(added as bonus).
After the band split, 3 members formed PERESTROIKA.
Ann & Archie Records was a short-lived label that released 3 7″s.The other 2 are:
ANN 001-RATTUS-Ihmiset On Sairaita 7″
ANN 003-PAINAJAINEN-Todistusaineistoa… 7″

Ei Enää Vakivaltaa!

Bonus comp. track

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STOSSTRUPP – Kein Schoener Land 7″ (Rock-O-Rama) ’83

STOSSTRUPP from Leverkusen (Germany) releases this 7″ (RRR 21), the “Wie lange noch?” LP (RRR20) and 3tracks on the “Die Deutschen kommen” Compilation LP (RRR 8 ) all on the “famous” Rock-O-Rama Records, which started as a “normal” punk-label, but were turned a few years later in a fascist/rascist/nazi/white power label, but all their punkrecords (OHL, RAZORS, COTZBROCKEN, M.A.F. etc. etc.) are classics in germany, they have all this typical, snotty Rock-O-Rama “productions” like you´ll hear on the STOSSTRUPP 7″.

Neue Welt
Kein Schner Land
Im Namen Des Volkes

PS: The song “Neo´s” was a anti-nazi-song. The lyrics were printed on the backside of the cover. The one from the “Neo´s” song were crossed out w/ a big black pen on my 7″

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HERESY – Never Healed

HERESY – “Never Healed” flexi ep (Earache Records – ear1) ’85

I’ll try to channel my inner Pushead for this one (clears throat): “As you drop the needle onto this flexi, sweating in anticipation, a rumbling thunderstorm of drums fires a supersonic lightning bolt ripping thru your skull, spraying blood, grey matter, and shards of bone around the room while buzzsaw guitar tones surge adrenaline thru you at jackhammer speed, rattlling your spinal discs like castanets, your body convulsing in rapid-fire tremens and overloading your throbbing eyes, exploding acid erupting from your sockets as it scalds down your melting face.” Well that stunk, sorry.
From the inner sleeve:
“Recorded and mixed at Pavilion Studios 8-track, W Bridgford, Nottingham in 4 1/2 hours at total cost of 40 pounds (yes, we know the vocals are mixed low!)
Total cost of pressing, recording, plastic bags, inserts & covers: 800 pounds, 3000 pressed”.
Also see more info on the record and their origins as PLASMID here and Zouo’s post of the “Thanks!” ep for more tunes & links.
And just peep the t-shirt…that Kalv’s got some nerve!

Never Healed
Anguish Of War
More Blood Is Shed

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WINTERSWIJK CHAOS FRONT – S/T 7″ (Krottenbeat Records) ’86

Winterswijk is a small town in the Netherlands nearby the dutch/german border, which has a very active scene back in the 80s/early 90s.
W.C.F. stands in one line w/ all those great 80s dutch HC/Punk bands like LÄRM, B.G.K., GEPOPEL or PANDEMONIUM.
The 7″s comes in a BLACK plasticbag (size is about 8″), which is printed with a white WINTERSWIJK CHAOS FRONT logo. After all the years the logo cracks piece by pieces away. ;)
The 7″ was released in 1986 by Krottenbeat Records (I think it was the d.i.y. label from the bands itself, but I´m not quite sure)


Systems Kill
Try To Find
Kanker Tyfus
Cry Scream
The Crow Cry

PS: Someone make some new categories, please! I can upload more old dutch 7″s and of course old 7″s from Germany

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