ANTI/DOGMATIKSS-Una cruda confession (Tralla trep085) 2000

Another important but totally overlooked band from Barcelona, Spain.

Anti/Dogmatikss were from the politically charged , second wave of Spanish bands. Influenced by the radical politics of CRASS, and to lesser extent DISCHARGE, they mixed those ideas with their own brand of blazing thrash. As the international hardcore scene grew larger and better organized, these guys became the embassadors for Spain. They created a network of support, for not only local bands but the larger foreign touring bands (MDC, BGK, NEGAZIONE etc.), that had only been in it’s infancy in prior years. They broke out of Spains musical anonymity of the past, by aggressively persuing worldwide contacts (bands, fanzines, radio shows etc.), trading tapes and sending out their music to anyone interested.

“They started in1983 when their previous band EPIDEMIA broke up. After a few line up changes (always changing the vocalist and drummer) former members Ferran (guitar) and Sisa(bass) with Poly (vocals, also played bass in L’odi scoial) and Manel (drums, also in Shit S.A.) recorded their first demo. They mostly played local shows, but also made a Spanish mini-tour of four dates with B.G.K. People in Anti/Dogmatikss were also involved in other activities such as zines, radio, labels, booking shows and spreading their political ideas. Poly and Manel left the band in 1986 and Ripoli (vocals) and Legal (drums) joined. in 1987 the played and recorded their second demo in Toulouse, France with the help of Pascal (Panx records). They continued playing shows in different places around Spain. Later, Ricard (Sisas brother) was the last vocalist until the bands end in 1991.” Victor, MRR #211 Decenber 2000

Sadly, Anti/Dogmatikss never released any vinyl while being an active band. They did, however release 2 demos/cassettes in their exsistence. the first was the “Rompan Filas” tape in 1984 and the “Nooooo” tape of 1987 as mentioned above. In 1998-99, Martin from Lengua Armada records and the folks at Tralla records decided that Anti/Dogmatikss were far too important a band to be overlooked and re-released all their material. Lengua Armada released a 7″ with tracks from both demos and Tralla released an LP with a bonus 7″ (posted here) and later a CD combining both.

anti dog demo
Cassette cover from “Rompas filas” demo 1984

Fuego en la moncloa
Campos de cruces
El dogma de la vida
Ellos o tu

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  1. Essential HC from Spain here, along with L’Odi Social, Subterranean Kids, HHH, GRB, etc… Anti/Dogmatikss were part of this strong Barcelona (Catalunya) scene, which was a very productive area in matter of bands, as for Euskadi (Pais Vasco, in spanish). Sadly it seems not so much people abroad care about this scene apart from the most noticable bands and punks from Latin America or France, and recently Japan. It’s a pity cause when you dig out there was really lots of bands, but often with few money and lots of problems, but this is a long story about the wild spanish scene…
    By the way did anyone ever posted the MG15 “Derecho a la vida” EP ?
    I guess they were/are one of the most noticeable bands abroad.

  2. Hey seek & destroy- I’ve posted a fair amount of the classic(known and unknown)Spanish bands on this very site. If you look to the left side of you computer screen, check out the ARCHIVES and then, click on SPAIN. lots of great stuff…… also there are LOTS of links provided in those posts if anyone is interested in the further examination of Spains legendary, but overlooked punk scene. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  3. These guys where great! As I’m in the middle of going through my cassetes I found the two Antidogmatikss tapes, L’Odi Social demo and the GRB demo. I put them away and though I have to post this at the KBD site since I know people will love it. Thanks.

  4. First heard Antidogmatikss on a comp.tape and was really impressed.This LP/7″ was very hard to get.As living in Belgium,I even had to buy a copy from Stuart GOTA who luckily still had a copy.
    Guitarplayer Ferran passed away a few years ago.

  5. i guess im gonna have to post my GRB demo, now…

    AntiDogmatikss also appeared on a comp 7″ from 1988 called “Resiste Cros 10″ with L’odi Social & Anti-Manguis. 2 tracks from each band. the whole comp has a feel/look of an “anti-Olympics” protest release for what was then the upcoming Barcelona ’92 games. includes a nice zine. too bad i cant read Spanish.

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