GEPOPEL – Paracide 7″ (1985)

Can´t tell much about this record, but for alot of people the GEPOPEL 7″ is one of the best early dutch HC/Punk record. It was recorded in March 16, and mixed in May 14, 1985 and it was released on Die Hard Records (#01). It comes with a little lyrics booklet and a Die Hard Records flyer announching the FUNERAL ORATION – “Communion” LP.
There should be 3 more songs from GEPOPEL on the dutch “Beware of the wolf in Sheep´s clothing” compilation LP (that is noted in the lyrics booklet)
I bought this 7″ on a big second hand record market in Dortmund, Germany in the Mid 90s for 15DM (about 7/8 Euros/US $)

In Our Hands
Tied To Time
Blind Faith
Just Because

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  1. Gepopel was Niels (guitar/vocals), William (bass) and Erik (drums). William also played for Funeral Oration. Erik resurfaced in Yawp while Niels went on with the Vernon Walters in which Joost played bass. At the moment Joost and Niels are in Sack ‘o Woes (one 10″ and 2 eps?).

  2. I too would like to hear the split with Funeral Oration…does anyone know where ANY old Funeral Oration stuff is? I used to have their demos and I still have Shadowland and Communion on vinyl but I can never find the 87 self titled album

  3. This one’s in my top ten list of 7inches of all time. Something about this album just really clicks with me. And the production suits it perfectly.

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