BRYGADA KRYZYS – Centrala/The Real One (Tonpress, Poland) ’82

Definitely 1st punk record released in Poland and 4th Polish punk record in total- previous are KRYZYS LP & DEADLOCK “Ambicja” LP – both released in 81 by French label Blitzkrieg, both rare and very expensive. Brygada Kryzys (Crisis Brigade) started 81 from the ashes of Kryzys, Deadlock & Tilt. Have many members changes but most important persons were Robert “Afa” Brylewski (later in Izrael, Armia, Falarek, Swiat Czarownic) & Tomasz “Frantz” Lipinski (later in reactivated Tilt and some shitty projects). Their 1st gig from the autumn of 81 have been recorded from sound-board and released at the end of the year as LP in UK without band’s permission & is also very rare & its third Polish punk record. 1981, December 13th communist administration established martial war. As 12 year old young boy I remember tanks in the city and no films on TV and no music on radio. Brygada Kryzys cancelled their Dutch tour and record session in Yugoslavia, but in 82 they recorded ST LP in Warsaw in new Tonpress studios. Half of 200 000 pressing was destroyed by authorities command – they’ve seen this LP as very dangerous for youth. BK was boycotted and couldn’t play many gigs. LP is known as “Czarna plyta” (Black Album) and was promoted by EP posted here. 2 songs with strong inspiration from 60s psychedelia and reggae. Very interesting is that band members in many interviews are talking about big influence of Bad Brains. Did they listened to “Pay To Cum” EP? I dont think so, maybe its the way of mixing or mastering, but for me it’s not music related with BB. Let’s appreciate by yourself. They played last gig at the beginning of 84 with Gogo from TZN Xenna on drums (later in 90s released on cassette). Reactivated in 89, released new CD, played many gigs and again dead and new reunion 3-4 years ago. At this time I’ve did their 1st gig in my area after 20 years and want to tell that Robert Brylewski is still nice friendly guy who love music (I’ve had possibilities to talk, drink vodka etc. with him once or twice), he was also owner of famous Gold Rock recording studio where many Polish HC/punk bands recorded in last 15 years. “Frantz” seems like man who think he is Bob Dylan and I think he plays in BK only because his rock projects doesn’t sell. Their music is still very inspirational in Poland and they are very known also by normal people, not only by punx. Many times covered etc. As cover of EP once again is paper bag. I added 1 bonus song – my favourite song from LP – “Radioaktywny Blok” – fast one minute killer, in some way the most similar to Bad Brains song of BK.

The Real One

Bonus Track
Radioaktywny Blok

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atoxxxico sleeve

ATOXXXICO-Punks De Mierda (PPR records) 1987 Mexico

First 7″ by this Mexican band (complete w/speed metal-ish influences). They went on to release some demos and an lp and stayed together well into the 90’s with a few member changes. I believe there was recently a discograhpy cd released (in Japan) that contains their complete recorded output. Check HERE for a website about the band complete with a discog. and photos

Punks de mierda
Puerco policia
Tu diversion
Que velocidad
La quinta
La explosion
Divisiones absurdas
Nuestra escena
Atoxxxico for M.O.D.

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Kochi-City Hardcore

DISCLOSE / INSANE YOUTH split – Kochi-City Hardcore (MCR-063) ’93

This is probably my favorite band. I love DISCLOSE. Simple, angry, and punk as hell. This is their first split vinyl release as a band. It was released by MCR in 1993. INSANE YOUTH is also excellent on this record but unfortunately I don’t know too much about them. Any help would be great. Anyway, enjoy the tracks.

Realities of Life
No Crime
Fight Back
Expose yourself to danger
Life is killing u

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The Young Lords

Front cover Young Lords

The Young Lords 7″ (Sonet, Norway) 1980

The Young Lords were a punk/new wave/power pop band from Halden, Norway. This was their only 7″ released in 1980, produced by Casino Steel. Three originals and a cover of The Heptones’ “Book of Rules”. The last song “Big Burden” is my favorite. You can’t get much more catchier than that. That song also opened their album “Same Shit – New Wrapping” also released in 1980. Singer/guitarist Henning Kvitnes fronted several new wave bands through the 80’s, but I don’t know much about them.

Back cover Young Lords

Oh So sLOw
Book of Rules
5 Feet Heroes
Big Burden

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CHIKUSYO – Death In Life 7” flexi (Fasten-Up) 198?

This is one i want to share mostly to get more infos about it. Chikusyo should mean something like “way of shit”. Musically well this one is more melodic than chaotic but have your typical catchy riff, with a powerful rhythm section ala Motorhead, i like it personnally. Songs 2& 3 don’t have any pause between each other.

Death in life
Kanji title

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Nukketeatteri – Tervetuloa helvettiin… 7″ ’82

Nukketeatteri was early eighties hardcore band from Finland and one of those lesser known, although they are one of the best! They put out two records*, this 7″ was selfreleased in 1982. Band was from a small town called Mäntyharju, pressing of this 7″ was 300 records exactly.

Artist in this records were: Welmu (voc), Jape (gtr), Timo (bass) and Vesa (drums). Band members have connections to such Finnish bands as Stalin, Last Years Youth, Dolphins and Laahaus.


Nukketeatteri: Tervetuloa helvettiin… (a.i.k.a.l.o.p.p.u.u. 19821), 1982

En halua tehdä itsemurhaa
Joku valehtelee
Jos sota tulee…

*Second record, 1983 released ‘Toinen näytös’ (Hyvää yötä ja kauniita painajaisia 19832) 12″ single is far more artistic and has even trumpet in it.

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FATSY WATAIRE – Chimene hovelicot 7″ (SOUPLET 107002) ’78

Very rare 7″ from FRANCE 1978. The music is strange but really near of PUNK ROCK. The main interest of this record is the funny lyrics but you should understand french to have fun with (like BULLDOZER : LP).
Whatever, here it’s now available, so take it and good listening…

Chimene Hovelicot
Les Crepues de Camaret

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ELECTROFLEX – Into The Night 7″ (Wolfsschanze) 1979

Hartford, Connecticut, has to be the most boring city in the entire U.S., but it coughed up this street-punk gem in 1979. Hard-rockin anthemic thug punk with up-front guitars and tortured vocals — Dead Boys is clearly an influence. Wonder whatever happened to these guys.

Into The Night
8th Avenue

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Heimat-Los – Schlag EP (NW010) 1985 – France

Heimat-Los (aka Heimatlos) was the first French hardcore band I ever got into. This 7″ is truly awesome: the songs perfectly balance speed with melody. I don’t know what I could compare Heimat-Los to… perhaps a cross of Flag of Democracy with BGK? Whatever – this band kicks ass and their complete discography is available now on a double CD on Ratbone Records!

KFTH has a some pictures and their discography available here.
Here is a website with lots of info, lyrics, pictures, etc about Heimat-Los.
And how about a Heimat-Los Myspace page?

Funk is dead

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