D.R.I. – Dirty Rotten EP

D.R.I.- Dirty rotten ep (Dirty Rotten Records) 1983

CLASSIC American hardcore!! Self-released in 1983 as a 7″, this was also re-released a year later as a 12″ on R radical records from San Francisco(where D.R.I. eventually moved to). They originally called themselves U.S.D.R.I. but shortend it soon after. This is easily one of the top 10 early/influetial thrash records to come from the U.S. For a ton more history and discographies (including the crossover and metal years) check HERE and HERE and HERE

dri pic

Sad to be
War crimes
Draft me
Capitalists suck
Misery loves company
No sense
I don't need society
Commuter man
Balance of terror
My fate to hate
Who am I
Money stinks
Human waste
Yes maam
Dennis Problem
Closet punk

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14 thoughts on “D.R.I. – Dirty Rotten EP

  1. Of course, an absolute classic! Blew me away when I first got into hardcore, and still does the job today. Just raw, primal thrash before the metal crap crept in. Heard a rumour that when MINOR THREAT played Texas, DRI tried to sell Ian MacKaye this 7″, but he refused to buy it thinking a 7″ with so many tracks had to be rotten (sorry!) For some reason I always played the B side first. Maybe ‘cos the 12″ version’s labels were the other way about. Sounds wierd the other way around!!

  2. Aaargh, 22 songs on a 7″, what a bomb. From what i’ve heard by some older pals of mine, this record all blew them away… wish i was born 10 years before.

  3. …and basically this is what you heard if you saw them live back then, non-stop song after song after song. anyone left dancing was practically on their hands & knees gasping for air by the end.

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