Heimat-Los – Schlag EP (NW010) 1985 – France

Heimat-Los (aka Heimatlos) was the first French hardcore band I ever got into. This 7″ is truly awesome: the songs perfectly balance speed with melody. I don’t know what I could compare Heimat-Los to… perhaps a cross of Flag of Democracy with BGK? Whatever – this band kicks ass and their complete discography is available now on a double CD on Ratbone Records!

KFTH has a some pictures and their discography available here.
Here is a website with lots of info, lyrics, pictures, etc about Heimat-Los.
And how about a Heimat-Los Myspace page?

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  1. Shameless plug… the discography 2xCD has tons of exclusive material – demos, vinyl releases, comp tracks… 90 tracks in all! HEIMAT-LOS was France’s first (and best) hardcore band, and was just as classic as any of the early European big names (Rattus, Upright Citizens, Inferno, BGK, Negazione, Subterranean Kids…). So underrated!

  2. Finally someone posted it before me, well it was necessary, probably best french hardcore record, and its not exagerated. Lot to say about them, but main thing is that they sung in various languages (only one in french) which is enough rare to be mentionned, btw some lyrics were written by penpals of them.

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