Nukketeatteri – Tervetuloa helvettiin… 7″ ’82

Nukketeatteri was early eighties hardcore band from Finland and one of those lesser known, although they are one of the best! They put out two records*, this 7″ was selfreleased in 1982. Band was from a small town called Mäntyharju, pressing of this 7″ was 300 records exactly.

Artist in this records were: Welmu (voc), Jape (gtr), Timo (bass) and Vesa (drums). Band members have connections to such Finnish bands as Stalin, Last Years Youth, Dolphins and Laahaus.


Nukketeatteri: Tervetuloa helvettiin… (a.i.k.a.l.o.p.p.u.u. 19821), 1982

En halua tehdä itsemurhaa
Joku valehtelee
Jos sota tulee…

*Second record, 1983 released ‘Toinen näytös’ (Hyvää yötä ja kauniita painajaisia 19832) 12″ single is far more artistic and has even trumpet in it.

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5 thoughts on “Nukketeatteri

  1. Fuckin’ killer, Nekketeatteri are so underated compared to the Propaganda troops. A must for anyone into early european hardcore. The EP of Stalin, their previous band (some of them) is a very good one too.

  2. Hadn’t heard this whole record before, but I’m now glad I have. This is pretty killer and as seek&destroy78 sez: so underated!! thanks for posting this and keep em’ coming!!!!

    Post the Stalin ep if you have it………….

  3. Great to to have this 7’ posted here. Just had it recorded in a jurassic tape from the trading times. One of the greatest finnish bands, even to be compared to LAMA, in my opinion.
    The song “En halua tehdä itsemurhaa” is among my unforgotten tracks of that era.
    Props goes to MAUSKI!!!

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