CHIKUSYO – Death In Life 7” flexi (Fasten-Up) 198?

This is one i want to share mostly to get more infos about it. Chikusyo should mean something like “way of shit”. Musically well this one is more melodic than chaotic but have your typical catchy riff, with a powerful rhythm section ala Motorhead, i like it personnally. Songs 2& 3 don’t have any pause between each other.

Death in life
Kanji title

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  1. Yeah, mysterious. I’ve also seen this flexi listed as (band name) death in life. I believe this is from the 90’s though and they may have been on one of the many of those “_______city” 7″ comps MCR records put out in that era. I checked all of those MCR comps I own, but to no avail. I thought fasten up records sounded familiar too, so I also checked and didn’t find anything amongst my stuff, “FAST” and “FAST NAIL” but no fasten up. Where’s wedge when you need him?????

  2. Mid ’80s, outta Sapporo. Vocalist and bassist are currently in Bloodthirsty Butchers-great band.
    Second song is Hakuchumu (daydream.) Don’t know anything about the label…self released?

  3. Fasten Up was mainly a heavy metal label.
    bands like Eliza, Fast Draw, Girltique, etc. usually more on the glam side.
    strange that a punk band would be released on that lable. just like when heavy metal band Reaction was released on ADK.

  4. well bloodthirsty butchers formed in ’87, and at that time it was Yoshimura on guitar/vocals, Imoriya on bass, and I’m guessing this drummer. But this guy left around ’89 and their current drummer Komatsu took over. it’s too bad that there’s nothing that really elaborates on their roots.

  5. 畜生 is a very derogatory term in Chinese, by the way, akin to “son of a bitch” or “bastard” (though “animal” literally). I imagine that it’s the same in Japanese, though I don’t speak any Japanese (yet). “Way of shit” sounds like a good translation to me :-).

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