Here’s one of the best record from the 2000′ s. TERMINAL STATE : 7″ from 2004 on HATE THE 80’s RECORDS. This Canadian band played exactly like early DC HC bands such as TEEN IDLES or more… Great 5 tracks records, delicious… No sleeve.

Your rules
Four walls
Im a snob
Im through

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  1. Hey vile76,
    Thanks so much for this cool post. I’ve been bugging Brad from Hate The Eighties (and Pissed Jeans) for months to get this demo 7″ or a CD-R/cassette copy. Terminal State rules. I’ve seen them and own the other 7″ and “Your Rules” 12″.
    Now my plea for help from you or other posters. How do I get these zip files on to my MusicMatch player? Or convert them to mp3? I’ve never dealt with the compressed file/zip thing. Is there free software available to download? Sorry, I admit I’m a computer idiot. Anyway, could someone please reply in a comment or PM me on the 7inch or punks in board? on both of those I’m user “Bill”. Really want to check out this record. Thanks!

  2. Got to see these guys in Toronto, they were pretty damn good. This 7″ isn’t their best stuff but is still head and shoulders above ALOT of current hardcore.
    Good stuff, keep em’ coming………………….

  3. If anyone’s interested Terminal State will playing some shows on the east coast in late August:

    22 Pittsburg
    23 Richmond, VA
    24 D.C. (with Violent Minds and Government Warning)
    25 Philly?
    26 Pittsfield, Mass

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