The Young Lords

Front cover Young Lords

The Young Lords 7″ (Sonet, Norway) 1980

The Young Lords were a punk/new wave/power pop band from Halden, Norway. This was their only 7″ released in 1980, produced by Casino Steel. Three originals and a cover of The Heptones’ “Book of Rules”. The last song “Big Burden” is my favorite. You can’t get much more catchier than that. That song also opened their album “Same Shit – New Wrapping” also released in 1980. Singer/guitarist Henning Kvitnes fronted several new wave bands through the 80’s, but I don’t know much about them.

Back cover Young Lords

Oh So sLOw
Book of Rules
5 Feet Heroes
Big Burden

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4 Responses to “The Young Lords”

  1. KBDRecords Says:

    Big Burden is a fantastic song! Thanks for sharing.

  2. surlyoldpunk Says:

    Weren’t one or more of these songs on killed by death or bloodstains comps. Seems as though I’ve heard this before. Anyway, good stuff and keep em’ coming!!!!

  3. onychotillomaniac Says:

    Uff Da! Not quite as good as, let’s say, The Boys, but I like it a lot. Thanks.

  4. Brownfinger Re-entry Says:

    Downloaded this awhile ago, but I’ve been listening to it a lot since. Like a raw and lively Elvis Costello–what he should have been. Give this another listen.

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