Kochi-City Hardcore

DISCLOSE / INSANE YOUTH split – Kochi-City Hardcore (MCR-063) ’93

This is probably my favorite band. I love DISCLOSE. Simple, angry, and punk as hell. This is their first split vinyl release as a band. It was released by MCR in 1993. INSANE YOUTH is also excellent on this record but unfortunately I don’t know too much about them. Any help would be great. Anyway, enjoy the tracks.

Realities of Life
No Crime
Fight Back
Expose yourself to danger
Life is killing u

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  1. Hi R&G, Ragin’ post. Are those five tracks just the Disclose songs? Or are the Insane Youth songs included, too? Haven’t d/l’d yet, so if it’s obvious, sorry. If both bands stuff is posted, what’s what? Thanks for putting it up.

  2. 1st 3 songs are Disclose and the last 2 Insane Youth. If you place your cursor over each song link, you’ll see the band and song title at the lower left of your browser window (if using IE).

  3. Although the later-period DISCLOSE stuff is my fave., ALL their releases rule. INSANE YOUTH put out a few split 7″s, some comp apperances and a 7″ or two of their own and then broke up. A discography cd on DAN-DOH came out a few years back and is still available,I believe. Souichi(git) and Doi(drums) joined ex DEATH SIDE dudes Ishiya(vox) and You(bass)to form FORWARD. INSANE YOUTH got back together recently(not sure which members) and called themselves INSANE YOUTH A.D.

    Anyway, Great 7″ and post. Keep em’ coming!!!!!

  4. Sorry about not seperating the track names and listing who played what. This is my first post. Ha! Anyway, Psychomex is correct. The 1st 3 are DISCLOSE and the last 2 are INSANE YOUTH. Thanx for the input on INSANE YOUTH Surlyoldpunk. I knew they went on to form INSANE YOUTH A.D. but didn’t know Souichi (FORWARD) was in the band. That guy rules. Anyway, glad everyone enjoyed the post.

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