The Trend (USA)

The Trend – “Electric Chair/Band Aid” (7″) (Northside Records/USA 1980)

As an act of appreciation for this website, I am posting this classic unadulterated teen-pop-punk single. The (stronger) B-side was featured on V/A-“Killed by Death #10 ” (LP) and quite rightly so. Unfortunately, the original copies I have seen so far have been selling on eBay in excess of $600-$1200 depening on the condition. “Batman Live At Budokan” (LP) is also brilliant and, despite the misleading title, is a studio album; there is a reissue of the LP with 7″ tracks added as bonus on Hate records (Italy). A coprehensive biography is featured here.

Electric Chair
Band Aid

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R.E.I.G. – Disarm 7″ (Reig Commando, PA 17 565) 1982

Great hardcore punk from Macerta in Italia . REIG stands for “Rivendicatori Esili Industrie Giovanili”. Apart from this 7″, their only other vinyl appearance are 2 songs on the “Raptus 2″ comp. LP released on the infamous Meccano Rds. It’s a shame they didn’t released other record cause they sound very good here, just the good mix between early UK and US HC. Otherwise I don’t think the guys went into other bands, but if I’m wrong please share any infos about this great unknown band.

Violent Change

Well at the last moment i decided to add the Raptus tracks, as 2 songs is so little for such a band, so here there are, from 1985 (but probably recorded before) :
State Refuse
Fucking System

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The Disturbed

The Disturbed – This Is…Credibility 7″ (Real World Records,RWR 003) Scotland ’88

Great political hardcore punk from Glasgow, Scotland. I had difficulties to find this 7″ when it was released, but could finally get a copy.
There are 3 more tracks posthumously released on a split 7″ with 36 Crazy Fist, in the late 90’s on Anonymous Records.
Here some comment from the band themselves on the title:
‘ “This is Credibility” refers to people’s attitude towards vinyl or more specifically the bands who appear on vinyl. Why are bands accounted with more “Credibility” because they have been released on record? So we are taking this opportunity to put forward our ideas so maybe they’ll be taken more seriously on a record sleeve.’
The band preferred to release(studio duplicated) tapes with quality recordings of 4 bands, which are cheaper than 2 split LP’s.
Well, thay have a point there.
Oh yes, I filed this 7″ as ‘other’ instead of ‘British’, ‘cos it’s not always wise to call a ‘Scot’ a ‘Brit’.

Who Do You Think you Are Fucking Fooling
Dont Be Used
Diplomatic Insanity
Death Lust

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Fallout – S/T EP (self-released) ’83

A great HC/Punk reocrd from Genova, Italy. This EP was self released in 1983. I found this one on a square-market 13 years ago and I have never seen another copy. There is a hand-written 65/300 on the back of the sleeve. 300 copies? 300 copies with a fold-out-poster-cover (like my one)? I don´t know! Enjoy the noize!!!

Reagan Hysteria
Religious Carnage
Criminal World
Punx United
Sick City
Work Instigators

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The Razor Blades

The Razor Blades – Plastic Messiah EP DK Decay Records Denmark (DK8) ’84

A great HC/Punk record from Denmark. I don´t know much about the Razor Blades. The released a Tape with the name “Hateful Youth” with 14 sonx. After the band split up they stoped their own label from one day to another. I haven´t seen another another copy for many years and think it´s hard to find today.

Plastic Messiah
Another Utopia Dream
Human Wreck
Fascist Fantasy
Another Victim

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*covers from This is Punk Rock


Tipi & Ministerit

Tipi & Ministerit – Verta rakastava nainen 7″ (Outo Studio OSEP 1) ’80

Tipi & Ministerit was a typical late 70’s / early 80’s band too – they put out only one record ever. The band was from small town called Kuusankoski, which is located in south-east Finland. Records name “Verta rakastava nainen” translates to somewhat “Blood thirsty woman.” Recorded with two-tracker in bands friends attic.

220 copies were pressed in 1980, but only 150 copies are with red xerox sleeves shown below. The rest are without sleeves.

The sleeve picture isn’t best quality, but at least it is there.

The band were:
Jyce Laine (voc)
Arska Laakso (gtr)
Esa Åkerblom (b)
Jori Hellsten (dr)

Jori, Arska and Jyce later formed/joined famous Maho neitsyt.

Verta rakastava nainen

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Rutto – Ei paluuta 7″ (IKBAL 006) ’83

And here’s first 7″ Rutto made. Five angry songs with female singer. Released under legendary IKBAL -label, to be more specific, this is IKBALS-006 and year was 1983. Not quite sure about the amount of pressing, but 300 copies should be right enough.

Känä (vocals)
Mäkinen (guitar)
Piäsky (bass)
Tilli (drums)

These artists has connections to such legends as Terveet kädet, Kuolema and Death Trip.

Mä vihaan
Ei paluuta
Hei sotilas

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Here’s an obscure hardcore record from UK : DEFAULT – “Inspiration” 7″ from 1987 (First release by FIRST STRIKE RECORDS). This band played a great & fast original HC with a magic touch… More you listen to this record, more you like it… I’ve never heard another release by this band, I’d like to get more, if you can help, please get in touch.

Voices from the past
Look further
Born with an attitude

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MALINHEADS – Probegepogt Aus Spandau 7″ (Pogar 003) ’83

Killer fast punk-core from Berlin (then in west Germany part). Strong Discharge influence here. They went on to do an other 7″ less good than this one, but still ok, and then a split LP with MVD which is not worth having. This EP was reissued with a different picture sleeeve, as the first press was a very limited edition (about 50/100 copies i think). As usual any story, any infos welcomed…
You can check the 2nd press here.

Bex & Sex

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Here are the front and back scans for the first press…
Front 1
Back 1

…and the second press…
Front 2
Back 2

…all scans taken from this site.

Sons of Ishmael – Hayseed Hardcore (Self Released 1985)

Well, Hayseed Hardcore is a classic EP with way too many songs for a 7 inch. It follows the basic pattern for fast and fuzzed out HC so look out! Info about Sons of Ishmael can be read here.

Small Town Mentality
Break Free + Democracy
Mr. Personality
Governors Of Death
Today’s Victim – Tomorrow’s Aggressor
Social Drinker
Condemned to Live
Another Groovy Tune
Follow The Leader
Service To Your Country – End To Your Life

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