Here’s the rare & great 1982 7″ by THE DISCORDS from CANADA (Montreal).
I don’t know too much from this band. This records comes without sleeve and with an insert including lyrics sheet. I like a lot this records
there’s something scheming into…

R. C. M. P.
Dead Cubans
Kill The Rich
N. D. G.

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  1. i love this! i’m a canadian from the west coast, and although the vancouver scene was pretty good in the 80’s -i love the montreal output! (i got the primitive air raid v/a lp when it came out) my best friend is from ndg…fair warning was from there too…i digress. ’82? awesome canadian punk! love to discover old school canadian hardcore. thanks so much, i’d love to have this record.

  2. Bravo Hervé ! Mega-great EP by those MTL suburds skinheads, they had a pretty bad reputation back then. I think Discords reformed in the 90’s and recorded the CD “Spank It”, but i couln’t tell more as i never heard it…

    Here’s little bio of the band :

    “Probably the toughest and meanest band to ever come from Canada, The Discords got togheter in 1980 in N.D.G., a multi-ethnic neighbourhood in Montreal. In the beginning they covered bands they liked such as The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and the Business but soon started to play their own straight ahead raw street punk. They played Hotel Nelson, Station 10 and Hotel Lasalle, but also in Toronto and Ottawa, and their shows were supposedly really violent.

    They despised music establishment and for that reason never had a manager and produced themselves their first and only EP in 1982. This is now a collector item and the song N.D.G. is a classic of the early days of the Montreal scene and was covered several times, and I’m sure still is.

    When suburban middle-class kids started to get into punk rock, The Discords reacted by associating themselves with the skinhead/Oï movement and stayed true to their working class background. They called it quit in 1983, right after a gig with The Exploited in early february of the same year at the Spectrum. They reformed in the late 90’s, released a CD and still play shows in Montreal once in a while.”

  3. hey the last surviving member of the discords here??(lol) Anyway anyone in the vancouver area looking to start a discord type punk fuckin rock band (no sum 42 blink up my ass types need repl!!) and give punk the much needed kick in the gunt it needs email me

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