Here are the front and back scans for the first press…
Front 1
Back 1

…and the second press…
Front 2
Back 2

…all scans taken from this site.

Sons of Ishmael – Hayseed Hardcore (Self Released 1985)

Well, Hayseed Hardcore is a classic EP with way too many songs for a 7 inch. It follows the basic pattern for fast and fuzzed out HC so look out! Info about Sons of Ishmael can be read here.

Small Town Mentality
Break Free + Democracy
Mr. Personality
Governors Of Death
Today’s Victim – Tomorrow’s Aggressor
Social Drinker
Condemned to Live
Another Groovy Tune
Follow The Leader
Service To Your Country – End To Your Life

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5 Responses to “SONS OF ISHMAEL”

  1. Seek & Destroy 78 Says:

    Tigh fast hardcore… but i would be very surprised if someone wouldn’t know this one here.

  2. surlyoldpunk Says:

    Ps- Thanks for posting both sleeve variations, it seems to me there was even a third sleeve that existed (maybe a boot???)

  3. a.hardcore Says:

    This is a great 7. My favorite Canadian band.

  4. Owen Says:

    These guys rock. How do I get my hands on some more of their tunes?????

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