MALINHEADS – Probegepogt Aus Spandau 7″ (Pogar 003) ’83

Killer fast punk-core from Berlin (then in west Germany part). Strong Discharge influence here. They went on to do an other 7″ less good than this one, but still ok, and then a split LP with MVD which is not worth having. This EP was reissued with a different picture sleeeve, as the first press was a very limited edition (about 50/100 copies i think). As usual any story, any infos welcomed…
You can check the 2nd press here.

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10 thoughts on “MALINHEADS

  1. Nice one S & D 78! I must have heard some of their other stuff, coz I always thought the Malinheads were shite! This is a quality slice of Dis-core! Keep it coming…

  2. excellent.
    i never knew….
    people keep telling me that all french and german hardcore sucked in the 80’s…….wrong, well maybe the french did….just kidding.

  3. Being french i can tell you i don’t have many stuff from there, there was many good stuff, but hard to find. The stuff mainly known abroad, are all this oi bands that existed in the 80’s. About HC, the country allways been poor for that, though, it’s hard to deny Heimatlos were one of the most importan European band… among many others of course. About Germany well it’s the country that produced the most punk records in Europe, so of course there was tons of bands, a part of them were bad probably, but lots of good bands came from West Germany mostly, of course. The Eastern part is an other story…

  4. Das Cover was hier gepostet wurde, ist das “Tippex”-Cover. War eine Notlösung, da die Band nicht aus dem Arsch kam mit dem eigentlichen Cover (Stadtplan von Berlin bzw. Berlin-Spandau, glaube ich). Bin stolzer Besitzer einer Tippex-Version :)

  5. Is lilly from the north side of town also a song of them? Because i think I know that from about 24 jears ago. I~d like to have that good old shit back on my radio agaion!!!!

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