Here’s an obscure hardcore record from UK : DEFAULT – “Inspiration” 7″ from 1987 (First release by FIRST STRIKE RECORDS). This band played a great & fast original HC with a magic touch… More you listen to this record, more you like it… I’ve never heard another release by this band, I’d like to get more, if you can help, please get in touch.

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Born with an attitude

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  1. I put a gig on with Default back in 1987(?),the singer was so drunk he could just about standup,thankfully Heresy was the headline band and totally ruled.Sadly one of the local gumby punks trashed the toilet and we lost the venue.And the N.H.S. Nurses (who were on strike at the time)got £10 instead of whatever it cost to repair the punx twatish vandalism…cunts.

  2. Cool post, seems to me there was a demo/live cassette of these guys floating around awhile back (early 90’s). Could be wrong though since there are about 10 other bands with the same name.

    Keep up the great posts!!!!!

  3. Vocalist Lloyd later joined Concrete Sox for a European tour and can be heard on the ‘Lunched out’ live 7″.He later did vocals for Slum Gang but I’m not sure.Maybe it was another Nottingham punkband.

  4. Ah – the Electro Hippies – now there was a band!
    First Strike records put out a lot of of straight edge stuff after this, maybe this was their commitment to the local scene before putting out a shed load of (quality) American SxEx?
    I really enjoyed this when it first came out – and love it still, though have to agree with Skin666 that The Stupids, Hippies etc were better, but then again the country was rife – Heresy, Sox, Civ Society!!

  5. The Electro Hippies were terrible.

    Loyd was always drunk. The story from the guy describing how Loyd turned up drunk could have been about every gig they did. The rest of the band was great though. I used to write to the bass player. Good guys.

    If this band had showed up in the UK about 5 years before they did they would have been huge.

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