Fallout – S/T EP (self-released) ’83

A great HC/Punk reocrd from Genova, Italy. This EP was self released in 1983. I found this one on a square-market 13 years ago and I have never seen another copy. There is a hand-written 65/300 on the back of the sleeve. 300 copies? 300 copies with a fold-out-poster-cover (like my one)? I donĀ“t know! Enjoy the noize!!!

Reagan Hysteria
Religious Carnage
Criminal World
Punx United
Sick City
Work Instigators

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6 thoughts on “Fallout

  1. Don’t know about the number pressed, but mine is a folded poster sleeve too, but it’s NOT numbered.
    I’ve also seen standard paper, glued covers w/folded poster inserts (obviously a different pressing, maybe a boot???)

    Anazingly, these guys are still around and playing live, although which original members currently involved is unknown. Skin666 is right on, the above link has song clips from all their records and a video clip that’s bordering on “danceable” so who knows what there up to these days………

    Anyway, great post!!!!!!

  2. yeah, right, they’re still around,..I’ve reviewed their 2004 cd some time ago,…just they were (are) not from Genova but from La Spezia ( but is Liguria anyways:) ),..great compliments for this wonderful site
    Mick “Proiettili Italian Punk Waves 1977-90″

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